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Cultural considerations in Latin America

Latin Americans are famously laid-back – so much so that people often say you should reset your watch to a different pace of life when landing in the region. However, don’t be seduced into thinking that just because people seem relaxed, they won’t get offended by anything! As with travelling anywhere, there are always a few sensitive areas you need to be aware of – and Latin America is no different!


While Latin America seems to ooze sexuality when it’s depicted in the Western media, many parts of the region are deeply religious. As a result modest dress and behaviour are highly recommended: there are plenty of beaches where you can strip off, so there’s no need to do it elsewhere! To avoid feeling the need to bare all, make sure you invest in some loose fitting, cotton clothes. As most Latin Americans are Catholic, Sundays are of real religious significance. On this day, double your efforts to seem modest (and don’t expect too many shops to be open)! Plus, while churches are great places to visit, remember that they are places of worship too.


The ‘war on drugs’ in Central and South America is not called a ‘war’ for nothing: while drugs here are more readily available than at home, possession and other drug-related offences are dealt with pretty harshly. As such, getting involved with drugs in South America does not come highly recommended, especially as police searches are very common. Also, while chewing coca leaves is a popular past-time in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina, make sure you don’t travel with them. Outside of Latin America, most countries make no distinction between the coca leaves and any other substance containing cocaine.

(Don’t) watch your space

Communication in South America is far from a timid affair: conversations are bigger, brasher and feature a lot more hand gestures. A by-product of all this means your personal space is not as sacred as it might be back at home! Stepping back from someone who’s talking to you may be considered rude, so try and leave your inhibitions behind and get involved yourself!

Don’t get snap-happy

It’s a common reaction to whip out a camera and start merrily snapping away whenever you see something interesting. Usually this isn’t too much of an issue in Latin America, but may cause problems if you start photographing kids, people in traditional dress or government officials. Your best bet is to ask first – imagine how you’d feel if someone thought your jeans and t-shirt were weird and starting taking pictures of them!

Re-set your watch!

Although it differs in each country, Latin Americans tend to have a more relaxed attitude to timekeeping than in the West. Perhaps it’s the laid-back attitude to life or the extra few hours of daylight you get, but punctuality is not a big concern here! If you’ve arranged a meeting with someone try and clarify if they mean a time exactly or approximately, as it may prevent you from standing around waiting for everyone to arrive!

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 1

Surprisingly, summer isn’t that expensive a time to go there. June-August months it’s very hot, it’s a desert after all. Everyone from all over the United States and abroad travel to this great city, which i truly believe everyone has to experience at least once.

Caesars Palace Hotel, The Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas Boulevard as far as old downtown Las Vegas / Freemont Street experience, all iconic must see places when you head to Las Vegas Nevada.

Is it expensive? Well for those travelling on a budget, good news, it isn’t anywhere near as expensive as i first thought.


Shop around online for starters. Going through the hotel direct isn’t necessarily a good thing at all. In fact, i found they are usually more expensive, unless you’re a Las Vegas high roller gambler , then sure, they’ll comp you. I’m guessing you were better off not gambling in the first place, it works out cheaper!

Look at websites like , awesome for comparing 1000’s and 10000’s of hotels and sites , giving you the best deals on in the marketplace. It’s tricky as prices change frequently. I find for June-August , the best time to book is around January-March. Sometimes you’ll get a great rate 6 months out, however, usually the three months leading up to your Las Vegas vacation, you’ll find the best rates. Significant savings on last minute or way too long before you’re due to travel. I keep looking at sites like, until i get a feel for the market. Typically a 7 day hotel stay should cost you anything from $350 to $1000, depending on location and star rating. Most will add a resort fee of $18-28 per night, payable on arrival. Keep that in mind when booking. Click on the hotel you’re interested in and read the fine print at check out stage, usually they mention the resort fee rate. You’ll get internet and gym / pool access included in the resort fee in most instances.

Hotels like Treasure Island, Harrahs and The Mirage are some of the best located hotels in Las Vegas and they really cater for the budget conscious traveler! and other similar travel sites will also give you a huge range of discounted budget hotels & flights. It pays to  book in advance, finding the sweet spot on price. You’ll work out what’s cheap after monitoring it for a few weeks. Sounds time consuming, it’s not. In the long run you’ll save heaps. These days i can book a hotel or flight without having to wait months or weeks i advance, because i have a feel for the travel market there now and know a great deal as soon as i see it. I’d bookmark the site and just keep checking until you’re happy with the price. If you have a budget in mind already and find what seems to be a good price in your budget. book it, because they can go up too!

So in concluding for now, when headed to Las Vegas Nevada for the dream vacation, you can do it on a budget and it’s not as expensive as you think.

A lot more to talk about next time, where i’ll go into Las Vegas Travel on a budget in greater detail.

You’ll see me at the tables at T.I (Treasure Island Casino poker room) usually gagging with the locals and friendly staff! I’m the Aussie, you can’t miss my voice.

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October 27, 2009

Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada Bookings and Projected Bookings to the United States
Commerce Travel Trade Barometer to also Track Travel from Japan

Germany Travel Trade Barometer: Signs of Positive Bookings
After sharp declines at the beginning of 2009, Germany bookings to the United States in the second quarter of 2009 were reported to be on par with second quarter 2008 bookings, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored Germany Travel Trade Barometer. On average, the third and fourth quarter of 2009 bookings were also projected to be about the same as they were last year. The return of travelers from Germany is a good sign that the U.S. travel and tourism industry is beginning to recover from the economic downturn. The exchange rate, accommodation rates, and competitive airfares are projected to be the top motivators for travel to the United States over the next six months from Germany.

United Kingdom Travel Trade Barometer: 2009 Bookings Predicted to be Down
United Kingdom bookings to the United States decreased in the second quarter of 2009 and are projected to continue to be down through the end of the year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored United Kingdom Travel Trade Barometer. On average, United Kingdom bookings to the United States decreased from four to nine percent in the second quarter of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008. The United Kingdom is projected to continue to send fewer visitors to the United States during the second half of 2009. The primary barriers for travel in the second half of 2009 are the global economy, competitive promotion by other long-haul destinations, and the economy in the United Kingdom.

Mexico Travel Trade Barometer: 2009 Bookings Continue to Contract
Mexico bookings to the United States decreased in the second quarter of 2009 and are projected to continue to be down through the end of the year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored Mexico Travel Trade Barometer. On average, bookings to the United States decreased from 10 to 15 percent in the second quarter of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008. Mexico is projected to continue to send fewer visitors to the United States during the second half of 2009. The primary factors driving travel down continue to be the global economy, the economy in Mexico, and visa processing time. It is worth noting that on average, the travel trade rated pandemic/epidemic issues (e.g., H1N1 Flu) as a minimum deterrent for travel to the United States.

Canada Travel Trade Barometer: 2009 Bookings on the Decline
Canada bookings to the United States decreased in the second quarter of 2009 and are projected to continue to be down through the end of the year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored Canada Travel Trade Barometer. On average, bookings to the United States decreased from 10 to 15 percent in the second quarter of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008. Trade projected bookings for both the third and fourth quarter to be lower than 2008. The primary factors driving travel down continue to be the global economy and Canada’s own economy. Some trade reported that the exchange rate was a motivator, however, on average it was rated to have no impact through the end of 2009.

Japan Travel Trade Barometer: Launched in September 2009
The Japan Travel Trade Barometer was launched in September 2009 to complement the existing programs in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. With the addition of Japan, the Barometer program reports on 73 percent of the total visitor arrivals to the United States. Japan is the fourth largest travel market for the United States and the expansion of the Travel Trade Barometer into Japan will help U.S. companies effectively track Japan travel demand and bookings, and the factors impacting travel from this critical market.

Travel Market Insights conducts the Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and Japan Travel Trade Barometer programs. The U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, is a sponsor and was the initial developer of the barometer program. The Barometer program is conducted with support from the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service and various Visit USA Committees and additional sponsors.
The Travel Trade Barometer survey is conducted on a quarterly basis in Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and Japan and is available through subscription. Reports sent to subscribers include additional information, such as:

  • Bookings – looking at the past quarter and the next two quarters for U.S. and competitive regional destinations;
  • Short term bookings for more than five specific categories; and
  • Over 15 motivators or deterrents for travel to the United States.

October 27, 2009
The U.S. Department of Commerce projects international travel to the United States to
regain its footing by 2010 following its first forecasted year of decline (2009) since 2003.
Reflective of the current global economic environment, international travel is forecasted
to decline by 8 percent in 2009. A 3 percent rebound is projected for the United States
by the end of 2010, followed by 5 percent annual increases through 2013.
In 2009 twenty-two of the top 25 arrival markets will post declines. The largest declines
in 2009 will be from Taiwan (-17%), Ireland (-14%), Sweden (-13%), Mexico (-12%),
United Kingdom (-12 %), and Netherlands (-10%).
These declines come after the United States hosted a record 58 million international
visitors in 2008. The arrivals forecast for 2009-2013 predicts that the 2008 record will
be broken in 2012 and in 2013. International arrivals will reach almost 64 million, an
increase of 9 percent between 2008 and 2013.
The U.S. travel forecast was prepared by the Department of Commerce in conjunction
with IHS Global Insight, Inc. (GII). Forecasts are derived from GII’s econometric travel
forecasting model and are based on key economic and demographic variables as well
as DOC consultation on non-economic travel factors as well as providing the count and
historical arrivals data for the United States.
Forecast Highlights by Region
North America – The top two markets generating visitors to the U.S., Canada and
Mexico, are forecasted to decline by 6 percent and 12 percent, respectively, in 2009,
and to grow by 13 and 5 percent, respectively, from 2008 to 2013. Canada and Mexico
are forecast to set new records in 2011 and 2013, respectively.
Europe – Visitors from Europe are expected to drop by 8 percent in 2009, the second
largest decline among the world regions. Very small growth is forecast for 2010,
followed by slow growth for the next three years. By 2013 arrivals from Europe will be
one percent higher than the 2008 total. The United Kingdom is projected to post a 12
percent decline in 2009. Germany, France and Italy are the next largest arrivals
markets within the region. Germany is forecasted to decline by eight percent in 2009,
and France and Italy will fall by 1 and 6 percent, respectively. Among the top European
markets, five countries are projected to have a 2013 visitor volume level that remains
below the 2008 level—United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, and Belgium.
Asia-Pacific – Asia is projected to generate a decline of 11 percent in 2009-—the
largest decline among the world regions—and then post four-to-seven percent annual
increases over the next several years. The largest Asian market and second-largest
overseas market, Japan, is forecast to drop by 13 percent in 2009, and then recover in
2010. Japan will continue to post slow growth through 2013, so that the United States
will host 3.1 million Japanese visitors, down four percent from 2008. Korea will post a
large decline in 2009 (-9%), and Australia, India and China will register smaller declines,
but by 2013 all of the top Asian markets will post double digit increases when compared
to 2008. China will increase by 64 percent compared to 2008, India (50%), Korea
(12%), and Australia (16%).
South America – South America is projected to increase by one percent in 2009, and
remain a leader in the growth in arrivals for the next several years. By 2013 South
America will generate more than 3.2 million visitors, a 27 percent increase compared to
2008, and the highest growth rate among all of the world regions. Brazil, the largest
source market from within the region, is expected to be up 6 percent in 2009. By 2013
the United States may host a record 1.1 million Brazilian visitors, a 41% increase over
2008. Argentina is forecast to post an increase of 5 percent in 2009 and increase a
total of 30 percent by 2013. Venezuela and Colombia will register small declines in
2009, but rebound over the next several years.
Travel and tourism represents one of the top services exports for the United States and
has produced a travel balance of trade surplus since 1989. For official information on
international travel to the United States, including additional information on the forecast
for travel to the United States for 2009-2013 for all world regions and over 40 countries.

The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries publishes visitation data for more than 200
countries that generate visitors to the United States, as well as visitation data for each
world region. To learn more about international visitation and visitor spending in the
United States.

3 Types Of Travel You Can Enjoy In Italy

The scenic landscape, rich history and delicious food of Italy makes it one of the fascinating travel destinations on the planet. There are in fact a number of different ways to enjoy all the country has to offer. You can choose from a wide range of specialised tour packages to Italy that can be customised according to your interests. Here are some of the types of travel you can enjoy in Italy:

Honeymoon Packages:

Italy is one of the most romantic places on the planet. From its cosy al fresco cafes, wide piazzas, canal gondola rides in the moonlight and more, it is an amazing destination to go on honeymoon. Allowing you to go far beyond shopping and sightseeing, the country is a treasure trove of incredibly romantic experiences. Of course, you don’t need to be newlyweds to enjoy the romance in the air. The country is perfect for a couple’s getaway as well. You’ll love it for your first honeymoon and won’t be able to wait to recreate the magic in every trip here.

Culinary Tours:

Anyone who has ever sampled Italian cuisine instantly becomes a fan. Perhaps it is the use of simple and fresh ingredients, or a heavy helping of cream and cheese. Whatever the reason, Italian food smells and tastes absolutely divine. And where else to sample the most authentic Italian cuisine, than the birthplace of your favourite dishes? Culinary tours are an amazing way to travel to the most famous regions in the country, following your taste buds’ whims and fancies. Customised Italy tour packages allow you to enjoy a smorgasbord of culinary experiences, from shopping in local markets to feasting on local specialities and even a cooking class or two.

Cultural & Historical Explorations:

Italy is blessed with a very distinct culture and an immensely rich history. The country is dotted with some of the most famous monuments in the world. From art to architecture, you will find yourself head over heels in love with the beautiful buildings, museums and galleries at your disposal. Cultural and historical sightseeing tours are always included in all Italy Tour Packages, so make sure that you make the most of them. Apart from historical structures, you don’t miss a chance to observe and imbibe the ‘La Dolce Vita’ or ‘the good life’ vibe from the Italians. You’ll surely learn to kick back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life such as good food, great wine, family and friends while in Italy.

Incomparable Module of International Travel Insurance

Getting ready for an international overseas trip either for holiday, leisure, business or for further studies, it is very important to carry a comprehensive safety net in the form of an eminent travel insurance policy along with you. During the period of traveling, the chances of critical accident, baggage theft or other unfortunate events are very high. So, in the overseas destination which is a complete unknown land it is very essential to have a comprehensive layer of protection with you in case of any unforeseen emergency.

Travel insurance policies provide enhanced protection to you and your complete family in case you get sick or suffer a critical injury. Travel Insurance is the foremost important thing you should buy but hope you never gets to use it. This module will cover you’re hospital and medical bills in case you get sick and are hospitalized, if your trip flight is cancelled, if a family member falls critically ill or dies and you have to immediately come home, if you get robbed, etc

AMA travel shield travel insurance policies are the best in class options as these eminent modules cover medical and hospital expenses, emergency evacuation situations, and loss of baggage and passport, among others. These comprehensive travel insurance modules from AMA also provide cover in case of other unforeseen and unfortunate events such as delay or cancellation of flight, your luggage theft, etc. The module also offer benefits such informing your family and loved ones about your situation 24×7 in case when an emergency arises or when you need some help in a critical situation, these enhanced module of services has made AMA the best International Travel Insurance company.

AMA also offers its specialized Schengen visa travel insurance in Kuwait, this efficient module of Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Kuwait has specially been structured for the travellers from Kuwait who want to visit the Schengen area, the policy meets the set criteria of travel insurance requirements for Schengen area. Individuals, Groups and students from Kuwait can apply for Schengen visa with the help of this travel insurance module, Schengen area consists of 26 European countries that have mutually agreed to have a single visa for them as to boost tourism. This efficient travel insurance brings individuals and groups from Kuwait one-step closer to getting the Schengen visa; pre-defined travel insurance is the foremost requirement for Schengen visa. This comprehensive insurance policy covers all the critical situations, which the travelers from Kuwait might come across while travelling in the Schengen area.

AMA provides 24 hours a day and 365 days a year dedicated customer assistance, this ensures that the help is on the way the very moment the travellers need it. AMA travel insurance policies has served countless travellers assisting them at every step of their needs, there high advanced assistance modules efficiently take care of the very needs of travellers while providing them with enhanced assistance, this ensures that the travellers can fell more confident and in control of the critical scenario that they have run into.

Overseas Cruise Ship Holiday Plans

When you have watched the news lately you could come for the conclusion that cruises may perhaps not be as protected a strategy to travel as previously believed. There have already been several latest incidences in which cruise lines have crashed.

Inside the Untied Says, lots of people in america dream of travelling overseas and credit versa. Regardless of wanting to holiday overseas inside Europe, there are many people that are not in a position to complete so. In the event you can to take the some time and set aside the money to, you happen to be encouraged to vacation there. Whenever vacationing overseas, you can locate that you simply have an limitless quantity of possibilities. Certainly one of those possibilities consists of a fantastic overseas cruise.

Overseas Cruise Ship Vacation Trips With Your Friends Overseas Cruise Ship Vacation Trips With Your FriendsTravelling aboard a fantastic overseas cruise ship features a quantity of benefits and disadvantages. The main disadvantage may perhaps be the expense of performing this. For those who reside inside the usa, to reach overseas you can normally ought to make the suitable journey accommodations. Possibly one of the most viable selection is by plane. The expense of soaring to a different nation could possibly be high along with travel period is usually lengthy. Regardless of the duration and price related with travel, various discover the check out to become satisfying.

A lot of people in america wishes to journey by overseas cruise ship. On occasion each and every people in a position to complete for that reason. For those who have time for you personally to vacation you are recommended journey overseas and you’ll uncover that you will find some method to take. Obviously the very first is overseas cruise.

Journey by overseas cruise ship contains a variety of pros and cons. The main drawback would be the value. Should you reside within the usa, to reach overseas you’ll normally have to make the suitable journey accommodations. The the majority of viable option is by plane. The expense of soaring to one more nation may be high together with travel period could be lengthy. In spite of the length and price tag of journey, several uncover the trip to finish up getting rewarding.

The extremely most effective benefit of travelling on an overseas cruise ship is the fact that you basically is going to be acquiring two holidays simultaneously. The cruise, by itself, might be thought of a vacation. Traveling to a international nation may well also be thought to be a vacation. Combined all in to one particular, you can uncover the holiday that quite a few men and women just dream of.
There are many activities you happen to be in a position to identified on your cruise trip from going swimming, gambling,dinging together with dancing which suggests you can possess a good deal enjoyable. The primary distinction in between a household cruise in addition to an overseas cruise can be the cruise idea. If you’re travelling aboard the cruise ship in European nations, you could possibly locate the cruise ship décor features a Western theme or perhaps style.

Because the activities, providers, and amenities located on-ship a cruise ship is vital, so would be the likelihood to determine international land. Based about the cruise ship in question, you may dock within a quantity of international ports. Whenever researching the actual ports of contact, you need to identify just how lengthy your personal cruise ship will keep docked presently there. If the time is really extended sufficient, you may be capable of depart the deliver and see specifically what the port region has to offer you.

Finding A Passport

Passports are vital documents that let for international travel. Without the need of expedited pasports an person can’t enter a foreign nation or perhaps re-enter their nation of origin. For this reason it really is so critical to possess a passport and preserve it protected. Just about every US citizen, like infants and kids should possess a passport so as to travel. Applying to get a passport just isn’t as tricky because it utilized to become, as engineering plus the net have simplified the method.

Travel Travesties

Lately, there was a news story that showed how a common cruise line basically sank. The crazy point in regards to the story was how the Captain from the ship truly abandoned the ship and its passengers although it went down. This could be a really troubling scenario to become a portion how. On the other hand, circumstances like these are pretty uncommon and get blown out of proportion by the media. There was also a story, involving the quite similar cruise line that detailed how certainly one of their buses was hijacked and how all the passengers had their belongings stolen. Once more, factors like this are incredibly uncommon and really should not hold you from organizing a cruise holiday for you personally as well as your family members. Cruises are a few of the safest approaches to travel internationally.

Las Vegas Weather in May

May weather in Las Vegas sees a steady rise in temperature from the beginning of the month to the end. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas in May you should get to enjoy some really terrific weather unless you are very unlucky in a city that was built on luck. average daily high temperature in Las Vegas in the first week of May is slightly above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature is normally right around 60. Typically in Las Vegas the record highs are about 20 degrees above the normal high, so a 100-degree day is possible. The record low is a little above 40, so you could encounter nighttime weather that will require a jacket, so you will want to look at the weather forecast before you pack for your Las Vegas vacation in early May.

The daily high temperature in Las Vegas in the middle of the month of May is normally around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low is little above 60 for a normal Las Vegas evening. The record highs can reach 105, and the record lows are still in the low 40s. The warmer Las Vegas weather in the middle of May will probably make sunning by the pool more satisfying for most people. The low humidity in Las Vegas will keep all but a record hot day feeling cooler than you may believe if you haven’t visited the desert Southwest before.

By the end of May the average daily high temperature in Las Vegas is in the mid 90s, and the low is in the mid 60s. Again, it will feel cooler than that to most people, and you can still golf and participate in other outdoor activities during the entire day unless you encounter an unusually hot day. The low temperature is now nearly 70 on a normal day, making May mornings in Las Vegas extremely enjoyable.

The Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas may be the most pleasant 3-day holiday of the year, from a weather standpoint, in this tourist city. The evenings are warm enough that jackets won’t be needed, and shorts and short-sleeved shirts can be worn all day and night. If you are planning on swimming you will find the weather to be perfect in the end of May, not too hot but very warm. If you want to golf you will need to use sunscreen and bring water, but you probably won’t get overheated, although you may want to consider an earlier tee time just in case the weather is a little warmer than normal.

May is also one of the drier months in this dry desert city. If it happens to rain while you are visiting Las Vegas in May it will almost certainly be a short, light rain. The stormy time of year in Las Vegas, if you can even call it that, is July and August, thunderstorms in Las Vegas are very rare in May. The worst weather that you could see would be an unusually hot day, or perhaps a windy day, but overall Las Vegas weather in May is usually ideal.

China Visitors Adore Hot Spring

Understanding what consumers want will be an outstanding business practice. As Japan prepares to welcome countless 1000’s far more tourists from East Asia – especially from china airlines – travel-related businesses here should really note that what Asians desire to get from their around Japan tours is a great deal different from what some Westerners want.The Japanese federal government, as component just of its growth strategy, is aiming to appeal to far more foreign vacationers. This month, it loosened visa needs for Chinese visitors.Vacationers from great wall of china have a tendency to look for Japan’s hot springs, shopping as well as foods, in that order, as per a survey performed by the Japan Nationwide Tourism Organization.

Americans, in comparison, visit Japan just for meals, the standard landscapes of temples and shrines as well as shopping, the actual survey discovered. The actual publicly funded organization interviewed 15,355 foreign tourists just last year, and will publish a full report on its study by the end of July.The preferences expressed in the survey are usually what drive Asians to Tokyo and also Osaka city areas just for shopping, as well as Westerners to Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima and also more recently Mt. Koya in Wakayama.’There is a little contrast between Asians and also Westerners,’ said Tei Zenbon spokesman for the organization.Mr. Tei said very several first-time Asian visitors visit Japan just for very hot springs, though not quite a few Westerners do. Whilst Asians buy cosmetics, electronics and sweets, Westerners acquire kimono, crafts and also woodwork.’Asians show their interests in Japan’s pioneering technologies and also modern culture. Meanwhile, westerners choose to see conventional Japan,’ Mr. Tei said. ‘These preferences are strongly reflected with what they buy.’He mentioned cosmetics are a prime example just of what Asians shop for that Westerners do not.

Japanese manufacturers such as Shiseido, Fancl, and DHC have an effective reputation around East Asia for your skin-whitening abilities just of their products.South Korea nonetheless sends probably the most sightseers to Japan, together with 1.59 million visiting during the past year. However the Japan Tourism Agency aims to over triple the quantity of Chinese vacationers to 3.9 million in 2013 from one.01 million a year ago.Toshiji Aikyo, head of Japan Tourism Association’s venture promotion group, stated many first-time visitors through the mainland simply flow to the ‘golden route,’ which takes tourists from Osaka, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji to Tokyo, given that the particular market just for tours has merely opened.Chinese visitors may circulation into other destinations in the coming years. The Japan Tourism Agency will be considering loosening requirements for interpreters so local governments can set their very own requirements, said Kazuhiro Suzuki, head of interpreter and also manual unit at JTA. The actual present law prohibits folks operating as interpreters just for revenue unless they’ve a nationwide license.

The actual Japan Tourism Association has an workplace in Taiwan, as well as quite a few travelers from there who turn into repeat visitors over the past few just of decades ‘come to observe Japan’s esoteric appeal,’ Mr. Aikyo said.The particular recent JNTO survey showed the actual top rated three objectives just for Taiwanese were scorching springs, foods as well as organic landscapes.Japan’s leading travel agent JTB has primarily conducted ‘golden route’ tours so far, mentioned JTB spokesman Susumu Motoyoshi. He mentioned the particular western Japanese island of Kyushu and the northern island just of Hokkaido will turn into more popular destinations from now on due to Kyushu’s proximity as well as Hokkaido’s nature.

From time to time, Asian visitors beat a path to unpromoted sites. Following the Chinese movie, Fei Cheng Wu Rao (In case that You’re the 1), additionally, the Korean Tv drama, Iris, turn into hits in their respective nations, Chinese and Korean visitors flooded to the northern Japanese regions of Hokkaido as well as Akita where the actual movie as well as drama were filmed.Mr. Tei declared no local commission was behind individuals projects, and the places had been just selected by the producers.

Why take walking tours Rome Italy for your first time here

Rome is really a great place to visit, wherever you go you get to see captivating and excellent structures, parks, and amazing sights. A large portion of Rome can be explored naturally; on the other hand, simply in light of the fact that you seeing every one of the marvels does not mean you will recognize what these things are, what the history is with the thing, and even the individual or persons responsible for the creation.

These are the reasons you have to consider private walking tours of Rome with an official tour guide. An official and licensed tour guide will have the capacity to furnish you with this data and in addition guarantee you are protected at all times and stay away from the tourist traps.

With your own particular individual tour guide close by, you can see antiquated Roman vestiges, structures from the Renaissance period, Baroque fountains, alongside the history and additionally a couple of privileged insights about nature. As you walk around the different areas of Rome, the official tour guide with walking tours Rome Italy will give you a detailed history of Rome, the legends and myths and obviously reveal to you the ways to avoid tourist traps.

An official guide has been licensed by the Italian Government to give tours to visitors in Rome. Choosing the best walking tours Rome Italy is important making sure they are licensed and reliable.

A couple of things you can see on Rome walking tours includes Roman Forum, the Roman Colosseum, Pantheon, Capitoline Hill, the Piazza Navona as well as the Trevi mountain. As you walk around these astonishing old structures, you will have the capacity to venture once again into the past and see the delightful architecture. Tour guides at Rome will guarantee you visit all you want in Rome including the history, society, and the famous architecture while you get an idea of the Roman life.

Another prominent walking tour in Rome is a visit to Vatican City. The highlights of this tour includes the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican Museums are home to world’s biggest accumulation of perfect works of art from renowned specialists, like Michelangelo. You will have the capacity to walk around and admire the finest art.

Walking tours of Rome can be an exceptionally glorious experience whether you want to grasp the historical backdrop of the endless city, walk around Vatican City, locate a comfortable bistro, or explore shops. With an individual tour guide, you are certain to discover numerous walking tours in Rome that will give you precisely what you anticipate from your get-away in Rome.

Cheap Flights from Doha to London Encourage Tourists to Travel

In the fast-paced lifestyle of today, when entire families, businessmen, corporates, colleagues, students and friends are cutting across barriers of country and geographical space and spreading their wings to explore the world, on business or pleasure or bonding holidays, the competitive agencies in the exciting world of travel are working harder to provide deals and prices that are viable and cheaper. And so enter travel agencies and airlines into the fray of making the far corners of the world, a more accessible place. For those wanting to travel from Doha, the fastest growing city of Qatar and its capital, to London, the pulsating capital of Great Britain, is no great matter. Cheap flights from Doha to London abound and are positive portents for a viable stay.

Depending upon your budget, there are also a plethora of hotels in London to stay in, in conveniently accessible locations and with adequate in-room amenities for a comfortable stay. To get the best deal in this related segment of the travel and hospitality industry, an established travel bureau, which is a one-stop shop for all travel and hotel deals as well as a wide range of travel accessories and services, readily assists you in zoning in on winning deals.

By doggedly combining aggressively negotiated airfares and global resource of Hotel rates with cutting edge technology, it invariably provides the kind of efficient, cost-effective travel solutions that are essential in today’s internet climate. And gives inveterate and discerning travellers, great value for their money and the innate satisfaction of receiving more gains for less money spent!

This highly creative and comprehensive travel concept being founded by one of the leading business groups in the Middle East, based in Doha, Qatar, provided the necessary impetus to international travel and brought about greater flexibility and convenience in this industry, in the country concerned. The idea developed as a lifestyle destination based on regular traveler’s single source solution for the wide range of travel accessories, air travel tickets and holidays supported by well trained travel specialists.

Cheap flights from Doha to London, which are available several times a week, by recognized carriers, transports you in comfort and the minimum of travel fuss, to your glamorous travel destination. Depending upon your date of travel and return, you can access the relevant fares and pricing, from the travel agency’s online site. You can also register with them by filling in a brief online form with your relevant personal details. Once you have confirmed tickets for your travel, you can go about the procedure of selecting and making confirmed online reservations for your preferred choice of hotel in London, giving the names of people involved and how many days you will be requiring the accommodation for – the perfect travel concept!

Argentina Holiday : Some Important Places To Visit

Argentina home land to famous Diego Maradona is full of many places to visit. Here are some of the places one must during Argentina tour. Aires: Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is one of the most visited by foreign tourists arriving in Argentina. Premises (Buenos Aires) are proud of their beautiful European city and tend to be very useful. Because most people come to Argentina via Buenos Aires, is that the work of a book of Buenos Aires city tour. What you should be sure to see are the National Congress, the May deadline, the Teatro Colon, and a tango show.

Iguazu: Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls called in Spanish) is a massive series of waterfalls that stretch the borders of Argentina and Brazil. The nearest town to the falls called Puerto Iguazu, and is the starting point for many trips to the falls and surrounding national park. The site became a World Heritage Site in 1984 and can be accessed and viewed from Argentina and Brazil.

El Calafate: El Calafate is often called the capital of the glaciers of Argentina. This city is located in Patagonia (a region encompassing only the extreme south of Chile and Argentina). Located near Glacier National Park Torres del Paine. From ordinary people to make a trip to Argentina can enjoy walks through the parks to see the spectacular glaciers. The most famous glacier in the area is the Perito Moreno (who is a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO). El Calafate is the perfect place to enjoy nature Patagonia. Thus a visit to El Calafate is must during Latin America tours.

Mendoza: Mendoza is a paradise for wine lovers. Argentina is well known world wide as hub producer of red wine, but Mendoza is where the best of the best comes from. Mendoza is the fourth largest city in Argentina and also of the vineyards has a lovely city, beautiful countryside and mountain peaks not far away, as the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Aconcagua.

Córdoba: Cordoba is the intellectual and agricultural center in Argentina, particularly in the northern region. Numerous parks, museums and cultural events can be experienced every day in large part due to the young student population in the city. About 1.3 million people live here, so visit some of the villages near the field if you need a breath of fresh air in your holiday Argentina.

Rosario: This is the third most populous city in Argentina, but is still relatively new in the tourism scene. As such it is a good place to take advantage of all the comforts and facilities of a city, but also to enjoy the picturesque rural landscape. Go read that the tour will go on the bike, jumping Horse riding, walking, surfing, dancing, playing music, and more. The sauce is great here, so take new skills in one of the clubs!

Contact your travel agent and get best Argentina tour packages and visit these beautiful places of mesmerizing country of Latin America called Argentina.

Las Vegas Freebies – They Do Exist!

Things to do in Las Vegas that are absolutely FREE! You can find them inside the Casinos and on the Strip, as well as all around the town. There are many Family oriented shows that are enjoyed by young and old alike. If you ask the “locals”, they’ll tell you where to find the best shows! But I’m here to do the same thing. So, hang on, here we go., there are many great freebies outside of the Casinos too!

One of the great shows that is available free to families is the Fall of Atlantis Show at Caesars Palace, located in the Forum Shops, next to The Cheesecake Factory. This particular show is a laser, water, and light show that features wonderful animatronics action. Also notice that the show’s platform is actually a salt-water aquarium. You can see divers feed the fish each day at 1:15 and 5:15 while another staff member is on hand to answer any questions you may have about the show and the facility. You can actually take a tour of the facility at 3:15 each day. Enjoy watching the gods as they entertain you rather than us entertaining them. At the west end of the mall is the Festival Fountain show, featuring an animatronic discussion between Bacchus, Venus, Apollo and Pluto as well as a laser light show.

The Cambridge Community Center offers a free movie with popcorn each Saturday at 1:00. Each week a different movie will be shown and children under 12 must bring an adult to keep them company. You can check out which movie will be playing by checking out the posting on Friday.

Another great Las Vegas freebie is daily performances by the Hawaiian Marketplace Island Performers. These performances take place throughout the day from 11:00 am until 10:30 pm and feature wonderful dances that will remind you of the islands. See hula dancers, fire and knife dancers, musicians, lei makers, and animatronic birds. The performances take place at the Hawaiian Marketplace, and they too are Free. The market is made up of several stand-alone cart vendors surrounding nine anchor stores that offer a variety of clothing, gifts and souvenirs. The market is covered by an awning, which helps to keep things a bit cooler.

I know you’re an Elvis fan, so be sure to see Pete Vallee perform as Big Elvis. This show is free, and the crowds get huge as his reputation for vocal talent is matched by his heartfelt renditions of Elvis’ ballads. A collector of Elvis memorabilia, Pete admires his namesake and tries to stay true to the King’s persona as a man who loved and was loved by his fans, and maintained a sense of loyalty to them. When Pete sings, his fans come alive and the party begins.

Pete’s repertoire includes an abundance of Elvis tunes, as well as Louis Armstrong, some country, gospel and other favorites. He is currently appearing at the Barbary Coast on “the Strip” Tuesday through Friday from 3 – 6 pm.

M&M’s World uses ingenuity and a whole lot of sugar to make an impression on Las Vegas. It’s a sweet place to visit. More importantly it is a free place to visit. This museum is open Sunday through Thursday from 9 am until 11 pm and Friday and Saturday from 9 am until midnight. This really is a neat attraction to visit and is much more than initially meets the eye. Take a stroll, look around and make sure you see all there is to see or you just might miss something fantastic.

Can you believe: four floors of retail space devoted to our favorite chocolate-covered candies? It just doesn’t get much better than that! Located in the Showcase Mall, the mouth-watering exhibit features Red, Yellow and the rest of the brightly colored gang on everything from T-shirts and golf-club covers to calculators and martini glasses.

The attraction features a 3-D movie theater, the films rotate and viewers are rewarded with a surprise treat as they exit. There also is a wall of M&M’s, displaying the sweet treat in nearly every color imaginable, from aqua green to gold. But perhaps the most exciting exhibit in the attraction is the M&M Racing Team area. The exhibit is centered on a replica of #38, the M&M’s sponsored race car driven by Elliott Sadler in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

For another sweet freebie, you really must make plans to visit Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory. The admission for this self-guided tour is free as is the first sample, but who can eat just one chocolate? Be sure not to leave this tour empty handed, as you’ll be kicking yourself once you get back to the room and have a craving for something sinfully sweet. In addition to the chocolate factor is the Botanical Cactus Garden that is open from 8:30 until 7:00 daily. Another great thing to see on this particular tour is the Living Machine, which has waste-consuming ecologies that turns 32,000 gallons wastewater each day into water that is clean enough to use for irrigation purposes.

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History, which is located on the University of Nevada Las Vegas Campus, is another place to go and learn while being entertained. Admission is Monday through Friday from 8:00 until 4:45 and on Saturday from 10:00 until 2:00. Admission is free and the museum is closed on all state and federal holidays. This museum offers a great display of Western culture and the history of ancient Mexico.

Where else in Las Vegas can you learn about the native cultures of the southwest United States and view Navajo weaving, jewelry and basketry; Hopi kachinas, basketry and pottery; and Southern Paiute basketry and archaeological objects without paying admission?

Is there another museum in Las Vegas where you can view a comprehensive collection of objects representing nearly every culture of Pre-Columbian Latin America? And where else might one see a cohesive collection of Guatemalan costumes and an extensive collection of Mexican masks and then wander to view reptiles native to our region, all for free?

No matter what your specific interests are there are plenty of wonderful things to see and do in Las Vegas that do not put a strain on the pocketbook at all.

Different Types of Travel Agencies

The main function of any travel agency is to, of course, act as an agent. This includes selling tickets and travel products, reservations, and so on, on behalf of one or several suppliers. Travel agents generally work with no charge to the traveler him or herself. Rather, the travel agent takes a small commission from the overall cost. Again, this isn’t added on top of the sale or anything like that. Rather, their commission is taken out of the advertised price.

So why go through a travel agent? Well, besides the simplicity and convenience, the main draw is that travel agents receive tickets at significant discounts.

This is pretty much how travel agencies work the world over. However, there are a few different types of travel agents…

General Sales Agents for Foreign Travel Companies

A general sales agent is something like a tourism ambassador. A company with its headquarters located in, say, Japan, might set up travel agency offices all around the world to encourage tourism to the country where their headquarters is located. The travel agent will still seek to find better deals for their customers (as, after all, that’s what turns a customer into a return customer), so they are not indebted to any one airline or hotel, but, they do tend to focus strictly on travel to, and within, the country where their headquarters is located.

Business and Commercial Travel Agencies

Most travel agencies have a department of business travel and a department of leisure travel. The needs for one traveler and the other tend to vary in a few significant ways, and so, splitting up the duties amongst a couple of departments can help to allow either department to specialize, finding better deals for business travelers on the one hand, and better deals for leisure travelers on the other. However, there are also travel agencies that specialize strictly in business and commercial travel. Incidentally, there aren’t a whole lot of agencies that restrict themselves solely to leisure travel.

By Class

In the United States, there are several main types of travel agencies: corporate-owned national chains, national/international franchises, membership associations — such as AAA — and independent, locally owned travel agencies with no brand or corporate affiliation. National chains will have the most consistent policies and pricing not matter where you go, and often the best international “hotline” customer service, but not always. Big-name franchises offer similar perks but different local owners can opt out of certain promotions and pricing specials. Membership-based associations are often less commission-focused since they rely on member fees. Independent agencies tend to cater to niche markets, such as assisting sports teams, church and school groups looking for inexpensive travel, and large group options.

Cargo Travel Agencies

A few travel agencies specialize in shipping cargo. Of course… that’s not entirely relevant if you’re looking to fly for business or personal reasons. Still, this should go to show how many different areas an individual agency can specialize in.

Online Travel Agencies

One of the real boons to the travel agency industry has been the use of the internet to allow travel agents to let their travelers compare a wide variety of options for hotels and airline tickets. Ironically, there was some fear for a period of time that, by selling tickets directly to travellers, the travel agencies would go out of business. However, a handful of travel agencies have proven that, even if you can find good deals yourself, there are still instances where a travel agency can find you an even better one. Many traditional bricks-and-mortar travel agencies now have full-service web sites so that you can get the best of both worlds: convenience of self-serve online booking with the benefit of talking to a real person when you need it.

Multi-Destination and Niche Agencies

If you want to split it up into just two types of travel agency, you have multi-destination and niche. Multi-destination out-bound travel agencies are usually larger, offering flights to just about anywhere. Niche agencies are usually independent, and focus on one specific part of the world. If you’re flying to say, Greece, you might find a niche agent who knows the area very, very well. Most of these niche agencies cater mainly to people with family in that country, or who do business there on a regular basis.

Consider your individual needs, preferences, and trip objectives when choosing your travel agent. Different types of agencies provide different levels and types of services. If you are a frequent globe trotter, you may want to use a large corporate travel agency with many branches in countries all over the world. Or you may view travelling as a treasure hunt or puzzle, where researching and finding the most off-the-map places is half of the fun. If this is the case, a niche operator may be just the right travel partner for you.

An Unforgettable Journey To Italy!

Travel gains knowledge and experience. If you haven’t visited Italy yet and are planning for a vacation there, then, Perillo Tours will direct you to Italy to have a wonderful and enriching experience. Italy, the globalized nation, the sixth best reputed country in Europe takes the fourth place in highest tourism earner. So you can very well imagine how beautiful the place can be. you step down to Italy, it welcomes you with a festival atmosphere; because every month of the year has an interesting festival in Italy. The customs and traditions are exceptional in Italy; given to its rich art, architecture and traditional values.

Rome, the capital of Italy, has many interesting sightseeing places that include monuments, churches, museums, renaissance places, and so on. The first and the foremost tourist attraction in Italy is the Colosseum, the Flavian Amphitheater located at the heart of Rome. This elliptical amphitheater is considered as the greatest work of Rome’s architecture and engineering.

After you have visited the Vatican and St. Peter’s in Rome, trip to Venice, a scenic city, constructed in the middle of a lagoon. At the heart of this beautiful and romantic city you will find Piazza San Marco with its glorious church. Milan the hub for stylish shops, restaurants, and galleries is a shopper’s delight. Rich in art and culture, Milan is considered one of the richest cities in Europe.

If you’re at the south of Italy, then don’t miss Naples, one of the most vibrant cities of Italy, known for its ancient, historic, and artistic resources. The medieval center Verona, with the romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet associated with it tops the list of all romantics. Ultimately, your travel to Italy may never be complete without visiting Turin, Bologna, Perugia, and Genoa. One visit to Italy will never seem enough. The beauty and culture of Italy is sure to allure you back.

Malaysia Named World’s Medical Travel Destination for 2015

International Medical Travel Journal or also known as IMKT named Malaysia as Medical Travel Destination of the Year. The country is boosting for medical tourism sector. The good news is that the country won the award,which handed by Royal Garden Hotel located in London.

Malaysia was chosen based on excellence that promotes inbound medical tourism. It was verified based on the yearly growth as well as evidence on high patient satisfaction. Also, Sherene Azura Azli which is the CEO of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council was the one who received the award In 2009, Malaysis Healthcare Travel Council or MHTC was established under Ministry of Health in promoting and developing the healthcare travel industry.

There are 13 awards that handed out which were Healthcare Provider and Agency, Overall Achievement, Quality and Service and Marketing. The private hospitals of MAlaysia received numerous awards namely best quality initiative of the year, excellence in customer service, international cosmetic surgery clinic of the year, best travel website of the year and International dental clinic of the year. The good thing is that there are 2 hospitals that are highly commended: the Imperial dental Specialist Centre and Prince Court Medical Centre for their highly commended customer service and travel website.

In 2007, IMJT was established and it is a prestigious award recognizing excellence, best practices and innovation in medical tourism sector and medical travel. It’s judged by independent panel experts of medical travel. Malaysia as one of the countries in Asia immense potential as one of the best medical tourism sector.

Another thing is that healthcare in Malaysia is under responsibility of government’s Ministry of Health. They have widespread system and efficient system of healthcare that operates 2 tier health care system that consist both co-existing private and government-run universal health care system.

Malaysia: A Nice Country to Visit

Because of the fact that the country is well known for their medical tourism, they are a good choice because they can provide the treatment you are looking for. The good thing is that they were recognized as one of the best. When it comes to price or fees, they have lower rates of operations compared to other countries. If you want to ensure that you get the treatment you need, make a good choice. Malaysia is one of the countries you can visit for medical tourism.

AMERICAN PATIO – Patio Umbrella products for America’s favorite vacation destination

About AMERICAN PATIO Selection and Quality of American Patio you’ll find an extensive selection of top quality patio umbrellas.
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One of the best ways to keep Patio Umbrellas fabrics looking good and to delay deep or vigorous cleaning is to properly maintain the fabrics. This can be accomplished by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

The American Patio is a division of Shade USA specializing in Patio Umbrellas and Patio Furniture. Shade USA is committed to offering online consumers with the best convenience products at the lowest rates possible. We are constantly on the move looking for new creative and innovative products. We are a company dedicated to promoting online consumer confidence with a focus on quality and fast shipping. Unless otherwise noted your order will ship within 48 hours of receipt

Las Vegas Cheap Eats

Just because you are having an inexpensive meal does not have to mean that the quality of the food is poor.

Here is a collection of Las Vegas cheap eats that get good recommendations from both visitors and locals alike:

ALADDIN – The Spice Market Buffet gets very good reviews. It is good value for money and the quality is high.

BELLAGIO – The price may seem a little higher than other buffets but their quality is extremely high and if you try my trick for getting lunch and dinner for the price of one meal then the Bellagio could be the way to go.

PARIS – It has consistently positioned itself as one of the top 5 buffets in Vegas.

MAIN STREET STATION – this one is cheaper than the ones above but is very popular for its varied selection.

CAESARS BUFFET – High quality but perhaps not as large a selection.

MIRAGE – Great service and great food at an affordable price.

THE REGENT IN SUMMERLIN – This hotel is located around 10 miles from The Strip.

RIO CARNIVAL WORLD BUFFET – Lines here are among the longest in town. Global dining at its best with dishes from all over the world – Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, Cantonese, Japanese, the list goes on. If you have enjoy eating foods from all over the world then this buffet is probably for you.

Some favourite affordable Las Vegas cheap eats are Terrible’s, Ellis Island, the Luxor buffet, Golden Gate, Makino’s All You Can Eat Sushi, the Circus Circus buffet, Lucky’s at The Hard Rock Hotel, the Sahara buffet, The Pepper Mill, Binion’s, the Harley Davidson Cafe, Bally’s buffet, Paradise Casino buffet, the Orleans buffet, Texas Station, The Cheesecake Factory, Lawry’s, Mirage, The Wild Wild West Coffee Shop and Lotus of Siam.

There are more than buffets to choose from if you’re after cheap eats in Las Vegas.

Check out Capriotti’s sandwiches – For only $10 you can get a 20 inch long sub.

Deli at Golden Gate – this deli is famous 99 cent shrimp cocktail.

Gold Spike – 24 hour restaurant with roasts for $4.50, potato salad $0.60, breakfasts $1.00.

Riviera – Dollar hot dogs and draft beers for $1.50.

Nevada Palace – $1.99 top sirloin and eggs

Gold Rush – $2 steak and eggs

Klondike – 49 cent breakfast from 11pm to 5am. Prime rib dinners for $3.99

Ellis Island – $4.95 steak specials

Sam’s Town – $3.49 steak and eggs

Las Vegas Club Upper Deck – specials under $4.00

Nevada Palace – $1.99 sirloin and eggs.

Suncoast – Siena Cafe – $1.95 steak and eggs and 99 cent breakfasts

Gold Spike – cocktails for $1.00.

How To Eat For Free In Las Vegas

Casinos give away a lot of coupon books/fun books. Call hotels/casinos in Vegas and ask if they have any fun books you can use. Consult the Las Vegas Advisor. This is a monthly newsletter listing some of the best deals in Vegas. Use free meal coupons or 2 for the price of 1 deals whenever you go out. If you have a players card in a casino and play for at least an hour give your card to the pit boss or promotions clerk and request a free meal at the restaurant of your choice. Also check out inflight magazines.

Remember, never hesitate to ask for anything free in a casino.

If you’re in a tight budget on your Las Vegas vacation then consider splurging a little for breakfast or lunch and then eating some Las Vegas cheap eats for dinner. Remember also that some of the best cheap meal deals occur after midnight too, if you have trouble sleeping.

Best Asian Travel Photography Books

China was the largest and most advanced economy on earth for much of recorded history, until the British Empire (excluding India) overtook it in the mid 19th century. Japan has had for only several decades after WW2 the largest economy in Asia and second-largest of any single nation in the world, after surpassing the Soviet Union in 1986 and Germany in 1968.

Economic growth in Asia since World War II to the 1990s had been concentrated in Japan as well as the four regions of South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore located in the Pacific Rim, known as the Asian tigers, which have now all received developed country status, having the highest GDP per capita in Asia.

It is forecasted that India will overtake Japan in terms of nominal GDP by 2020. In terms of GDP per capita, both nominal and PPP-adjusted, South Korea will become the second wealthiest country in Asia by 2025, overtaking Germany, the United Kingdom and France. According to IMF statistics for the year 2010, the mostly unrecognised Republic of China PPP-adjusted GDP per capita, at USD 34,743, is already higher than that of Finland, France, or Japan.

To better help you visually understand Asia, here are the ten best Asian photography books ever:

1) Asia by Olivier Föllmi


Inspired by the beauty of distant countries, Asia celebrates the depth and grandeur of the Far East. The fourth volume in Abrams’ album-size collection of Olivier Föllmi’s photographs, this book presents the most exceptional images the artist took during his travels in Burma, Japan, China, and Vietnam, and many points between. The large format allows the photographs, their colors, and the places and people they capture to come alive in the reader’s hands. The photographs are accompanied by captions written by acclaimed journalist Virginie de Borchgrave that give detailed information about each image. The book also includes an essay by Föllmi, who describes his experience traveling in these regions. Asia is a celebration and invocation of the continent which has inspired many to dream.

2) Lonely Planet The Asia Book


Asia: a continent of candid contradictions, unmatched mayhem and mystery, where just one experience will never quite articulate the magic of the place. A fisherman’s song at dawn on the banks of the Mekong, a chaos of color on the ghats of the Ganges, the silence of the vast steppes of Kazakhstan, a marching mile of red hats along the Great Wall road: Asia is all this and more. From the tropical beaches of Bali to the frozen slopes of Everest, The Asia Book draws together a definitive collection of the sights, sounds and tastes of this captivating continent. Let Lonely Planet’s photographers, authors and travellers lead you through five regions, 46 countries, and more than two thousand years of stories.

3) South Southeast by Steve McCurry

The photographs in this book reflect the passion that Steve McCurry has for the people of countries such as India, Afghanistan etc. It also shows his eye for the landscapes of these countries, evoking fervour for the colours of the land. While Steve McCurry’s photographs will always move and inspire, the layout of this book is so effective to the display of his works. A large format that gives the images room to breath, and simple facing pages that state the location and date of the image. This is a book that would continue to inspire every time you leaf through the pages. Those of you who are consumers of the imagery in National Geographic will experience more than a few flashes of recognition as you page through the sumptuous images in this book. Unlike on the pages of national geo, however, this book gives Steve’s images the chance to stand alone, independent of editorial and other clutter on the page, and in this singular treatment it is easy to recognize them for what they are: exceptional color photography, and exceptional pieces of art. Whether you have traveled to southeast asia in body or in mind, you will find these images deep and resounding, worth many hours of leisurely flipping. If you are a color photographer, you will stop and stare with admiration, remembering again why you carry a camera.

4) CHINA: Portrait of a People by Tom Carter


There are more than 1.3 billion people in China. Besides the majority Han Chinese, the population includes 56 ethnic groups numbering over one hundred million. Over the course of 2 years and 35,000 miles, photojournalist Tom Carter captured it ALL on film. Carter’s anthropological-like study of China stands apart in its genre, as it focuses expressly on the PEOPLE of China. In addition to documenting the everyday life of “ordinary” people, Carter also backpacked to the most remote areas of China to observe reclusive ethnic minorities. From Inner Mongolian nomads to newlyweds in Hong Kong, from the teenage girl living in Chengdu dressed like an American punk rocker to the soot covered coal miner in Southern Shanxi, Carter’s camera documented the complexity and diversity of China like no other book ever has.

5) A Day in the Life of Japan by Rick Smolan


On June 7, 1985, 100 photographers from around the world set out to cover Japan. Many had participated in A Day in the Life of Canada ( LJ 11/1/85) and the similar books on Australia and Hawaii. This, however, is the first such coverage of a non-Western, non-English-speaking country. The color photographs are sumptuously reproduced and every one holds our attention. The pictures are arranged chronologically, from early morning until late at night. A map of Japan shows where each was taken. Photographers are credited next to their pictures, and biographies of participants follow the picture essay, as does a story about their experiences taking these 300 pictures, chosen from some 135,000 exposures. The range of subjects covered is enormous and shakes up our notions about Japan.

6) Korea: As Seen by Magnum Photographers


South Korea, with its craggy hillsides, gnarled trees, and ancient temples, is steeped in tradition yet, at the same time, is thoroughly modern—the tenth-ranking industrial power in the world. Its capital city, Seoul, is one of the most populous cities in the world and home to such cutting-edge buildings as the Samsung Tower Palace. The beautiful landscape and day-to-day details of life in South Korea are depicted here in images taken by the photographers of Magnum—the famed cooperative whose members are among the greatest photographers of our time. Here we see a rich culture that both respects a dynamic cultural history and celebrates the latest trends in fashion, technology, and architecture. These extraordinary photographs are set in their historical context by an insightful text by historian Bruce Cumings.

7) The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea by Eva Munz


The few dozen tourists—and a few journalists—who come annually to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang are accompanied by guides and are only allowed to see what the regime blinders for their viewing. For the visitors, actors often represent pedestrians, and the consumer goods seen in stores are unavailable to the public at large. The statistics heaped upon the visitors are dubious at best. Kim Jong Il’s People’s Republic of North Korea is a gigantic installation, a simulation, a play. Eva Munz, Christian Kracht, and Lukas Nikol traveled to this land to take pictures of a country from which there are no pictures. What they show in The Ministry of Truth is a window view of the gigantic 3-D production of Kim Jong Il, who writes the nation’s statistics and authors its film script. Because no accurate view is available of this total installation, the authors make the only one possible: They comment on their photos with quotations from a didactic book on the art of film written by the dictator—who not only collects wine and Mazda RX-7 sports cars, but also has an enormous film library.

8) India: In Word and Image by Eric Meola


Although photographer Meola’s claim that he is drawn to India because the people are blessed with childhood’s sense of wonder seems slightly patronizing, his photographs are an affectionate tribute to the subcontinent’s diversity and history. Meola has a fine eye for detail and devotes equal attention to the grand and the humble, from spectacular Buddhist mandalas and Rajasthan’s sprawling forts to rose-ringed parakeets nesting in trees or henna on a woman’s hands. Suffused with light and color, his images sidestep cliché to achieve an intimacy and spontaneity that readers will relish.

9) Passage to Vietnam : Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers


The work of 70 photojournalists from 14 countries (including 15 Vietnamese photographers), this eye-opening and beautiful photo-essay on Vietnam portrays a reunified country still recovering from the wounds of war. More than 200 candid color photographs take us inside homes and temples, brick and bicycle factories, oil fields, open-air markets and college dorms, profiling a people of restless energy and ancient culture. Sponsored by U.S. and Thai corporations, the book argues that Vietnam’s Marxist communism “is hardly strident or insistent,” and that reforms of the last decade have freed the nation from Ho Chi Minh’s doctrinaire policies, allowing private ownership of businesses, foreign investment and greater freedom of expression and worship.

10) Carrying Cambodia by Hans Kemp


Unbelievable feats of transportation are an everyday occurrence on the streets of Cambodia. Tuk tuks, cyclos, cars, trucks, motorbikes and bicycles transport loads that defy your wildest imagination. Photographers Hans Kemp and Conor Wall documented this unique street culture resulting in this amazing 144 page book loaded with incredible photographs that will forever change your definition of “packed.”

Vacation in Italy becomes easy with efficient transfer services!

In case one is looking to visit that one country which contains most of the number of World Heritage Sites than any other place in the world, the place to be is Italy without any doubt! With its rich history, art, culture, fashion and cuisine, Italy is a traveler’s ultimate destination. This place is dotted with amazingly beautiful beaches, coast lines, ancient monuments, mountains and churches to name a few!

For a person who is in love for either good food, history, fashion or maybe interested in exploring the culture side of the west, Italy is the best amalgamation of all this and much more.

The visitor’s delight!

This country of Italy is the fifth largest tourist earner where its main economy is standing on its tourism and thus, a lot of stress is made on making the tourism aspect especially strong. Due to this very fact Italy is studded with a number of hotels starting from the affordable ones to the ones which is the best abode for the ultra rich people all over! The main tourist destinations are budding with shopping destinations showcasing the best of the place along with an array of tourist services which promise to make the experience even more beautiful and fulfilling in the long run! The tour packages and transfer service in Italy gives a traveler, explorer or a visitor ample number of choices and customized view options which fit according to each and every pocket size and gives them a value for their hard earned money as well.

The tourist services Italy

Taking about the tourist services of Italy, there are loads of services which give the traveler a chance to choose from according to affordability and choice. These services offer special tour packages which are less expensive as well as come in VIP packages too, where the traveler gets to feel the luxuries associated with it, though on a good expense.

While staying and touring in Italy, another important factor is the transport facility. This is also taken care of by the tourist services Italy where a visitor needs to travel from their native to this foreign country and also while travelling within Italy without any hindrance.

The Transfer service in Italy

Almost all of the tourist services Italy has a range of transfer services which they offer to the guests which include the services which takes the visitor from or to the ports and the airports all over the country with elegant, luxurious and comfortable vehicles depending on the choice and the requirement. The services in the luxury part are the cars which are fully air conditioned and also have the special permits to enter into the most restricted places of all as well, like in the cities of Rome and the Vatican City too!

The transfer services are pretty much required here as after a tiresome and long flight or a long day’s destination visits, a person may not be in mood to board a normal vehicle and would love to feel at rest. The varied transfer service in Italy is well connected and with the most efficient drivers to take one to or from a particular location to the destination without much hassles as well.

Experience Culture of Different Countries And Explore New Destinations With The Best International Holiday Packages

People who wished travelling to international countries but were worried about the budget then there is some good news here. With International holiday packages getting cheap and affordable, every person can travel to their favourite foreign destinations without burning a hole in the wallet. Before the advent of airplanes, people use to travel by the means of ship. Water route is always time consuming, and it requires a bulk of leaves for experienced it. However, air travel has become dirt-cheap and now people can fly off to international destinations for as low as 2 days, which requires no extra leaves. Travellers can research on internet the type of holiday they need and get the best deal on holiday packages. person dreams of a different type of holiday. While newly married couples want a romantic getaway on islands, teenagers prefer exploring virgin destinations. Ask kids their dream destination and the expected answer will be Disneyland. Adventurous people will want to go for bungee jumping, river rafting, etc. While some want to travel in the winters, kids prefer summer breaks for international holidays. Travel operators design holidays keeping in mind various needs and breaks. There are numerous holiday packages for winter destinations, while equally interesting for summer breaks. Monsoon holiday packages are cheap and most preferred by rain lovers. There are off-season packages too for people who want to travel the world without giving a hint to their budget.

The most interesting part of international holidays is the local cuisine. There are different spices used to change the taste of the same dish people prepare in their home country. Travellers experience local lifestyle, learn their languages, and live like a local to seep in their culture. They return with memoirs and a wish to return to the same place once again. Such holidays are a perfect source of learning for kids. Exposing kids to different cultures at a very young age will inspire them to learn more about history. Numerous destinations around the world are such that they do not seem genuine at all. However, they exist and people are amazed on visiting such places.

Travel Operators understand the preferences of locals and want them to experience other countries completely. They fill every package with must visit destinations and places, that it is impossible to miss out something. Such international packages include everything, right from visa preparation, travel fares, accommodation, food, sightseeing, etc. The back-hand arrangement lets travellers indulge in the holiday without worrying about anything else.

A Comparison of Hernia Hospitals in North America

The best places to go for hernia repair are dedicated hernia hospitals.  This is because hernia repair is a complex surgery for which a surgeon can never have enough experience. No general surgeon can offer success rates as high as dedicated hernia surgeons.

However, to go to a dedicated hernia hospital, you will have to travel.  Here is a list of places in North America that you can go to for hernia repair.

North Penn Hernia Institute, Lansdale Pennsylvania

This hernia institutes is located about a hour’s drive northeast of Philadelphia, or two hours southwest of New York.

North Penn Institute offers many advantages over typical hospitals.  Their surgeons are extremely experienced with hernia procedures, and so they are comfortable with complex or unusual hernia repairs.  This makes them more likely to be successful repairing femoral, umbilical, or relapsed hernias.  They are also comfortable doing all these surgeries with local anaesthetic.  This improves your recovery time and greatly reduces the illness and discomfort of the surgery.

Shouldice Hernia Hospital, Toronto

Shoudice Hernia Hospital is the world standard for hernia repair.  They offer all the advantages of other hernia treatment hospital.  However, Shouldice offers additional advantages.

While other hernia surgeons repair the cavity wall breach by inserting a plastic mesh, Shouldice surgeons rebuild the cavity wall organically.  This is like the difference between duct taping over a hole, and arc-welding it shut.  It massively decreases the chances of a hernia relapse.

Shouldice hospital is in Canada.  Canadian health care is doing more with less.  Due to generic drugs and government initiatives, the average cost of a private hospital stay in Canada is half of what it is in the United States.  The mortality rate of Canadian surgeries and hospital stays is lower than in the United States.  The success rate of health care is about the same.  At the average Canadian hospital, you will receive the same or slightly better care than at the average American hospital.

However, Shouldice is above-average, so you will get even more benefits by going there.  The only disadvantage is that Toronto is not anyone’s dream vacation destination.  If possible, try to schedule your surgery outside of the months of December and January so you can actually get outside and see the city.

Hernia Center of Texas, Houston

If you’re looking for a medical destination that is also a vacation, then you can look into the Hernia Center of Texas.  Like Shouldice and North Penn, they are a dedicated clinic that can operate on any type of hernia using only local anaesthetic.  Their staff are also comfortable offering tension-free solutions, so that you can return to normal physical activity as soon as possible.

Midwest Hernia Center, Minnesota (2 locations)

The Midwest Hernia Center was founded specifically to offer top-quality hernia repair to those who don’t want to travel to Canada, Texas, or the East Coast.  The Midwest Hernia Center is the largest center in the flyover states.  They have several experienced surgeons, and offer comparable success rates to Houston or North Penn.  If you can’t afford to travel very far, this is a good option.

Hernia Surgery

Enjoy Your Egypt Holidays With Best Egypt Travel Packages

Egypt is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations in the world. Every year this place witnesses a huge increase in the number of tourists visiting there. There are many things that make Egypt one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. However, there are many issues, which make it extremely necessary for every visitor to avail Egypt tour packages.

Egypt vacation packages are numerous for any tourist. The African country has a wide variety of choices for all visitors. The beaches of the Red sea and cultural heritages found in many cities across the country are some of the options people can choose from. The bible and many other books praise the land of Egypt and which other way to celebrate this than make a trip to the country?

Cheap Egypt vacations prices that suit your budget can be found online from various travel agencies. Hotel and flights can be booked in advance online and take the step to enjoy the beauty offered by this region. The climate is always a major concern for tourist but you should not worry. Egypt vacations offer good and comfortable accommodations for anyone.

The gigantic and stunning monuments of the Ancient Egypt are the source of attraction for tourists all across the globe. The best way to explore this country is to opt for Egypt tour from anywhere.  On one hand where the sight, light and heat of the deserts inspire, on the other, the turquoise, cool water infuses the sense of rejuvenation. May it be a romantic cruise along the largest river of the world or first class escape, Egypt dazzles its visitors. The Egypt Travel Packages thus making a holiday to Egypt an exceptional one.

If you are planning for a holiday, Egypt is one of the best venues around the globe to consider. As amongst the ultimate countries to travel, Egypt is the home of past planets, stone monuments, temples, pyramids and many other scenic historical and natural destinations. If you are bored with beach holidays, then it is the time for you to consider historic temples, pyramids and other scenic views that holiday in Egypt have to offer.

If you are organizing your travel adventure then ensure you use some of the many planning resources to help you to plan your trip with ease, such as travel guide books, tour brochures and travel guides online such as which has loads of location advice, travel tips, destination photos and plenty of suggestions on what to do and what to see. This is a one stop travel guide to help you to plan your trip easily and cost effectively.

The Good And The Bad Of Japanese Work Etiquette

Japan’s work etiquette is definitely one of the outstanding factors that set the Japanese people apart from the rest of the world. Many foreigners who have gone in the country to work for a few months or years attest to how serious they are in performing well in their offices. This is primarily because such a trait is already deeply-rooted in their culture. The parents pass on to their children whatever principles they have about toiling hard. With that, even the young breed of professionals is convicted to perform exceptionally.

Are you bound to get employed in Japan? Or, simply curious how employment is like there? The rest of this article may be able to give you a quick overview of these things.

There are a couple of native terms which you may encounter when Japanese work etiquette is talked about. These are ‘gambatte’ and ‘karaoushi. The first term simply means ‘Do your best!’ or ‘Don’t give up!’ in English. This concept quite explains the ambience in their workplace. In their aim to give their best in all the tasks, local employees start with their jobs ten minutes earlier and end their jobs ten minutes later than the set working hours. They do this even when there is no overtime pay. Somehow, the local employees see this as the most reliable way to get noticed by their bosses and get a salary increase or a deserved promotion.

Moving forward, the second term means ‘death from work’.’ Karoushi’ shows the negative effect or overworking. This is hurting the image of employment in Japan as deaths of capable employees result from it. Local workers usually endure a sixty-hour work week without extra pay or benefits which is contrary to the forty-hour work week that other employees in other countries enjoy. Heart failure or recklessness with their health conditions causes overburdened employees to literally drop dead while performing their tasks.

Believe it or not, both terms also mirror the positive things about the Japanese working culture. For one, doing your best even without rewards is the foundation of loyalty to one’s company. Dedication to produce a satisfactory output is another advantage of such culture. The same is true for discipline and keen eye for details.

When it comes to punctuality, no one can beat the Japanese. Once a client or customer comes to them, employees rush to attend to their needs. This is somehow related to the fact that they take pride in whatever job they have. There is no small or big job for them so long as they do their best to get things right. This is very evident even to those who are devoted to the daily operations of small businesses established in different localities.

Every country has distinctive work etiquette. When getting employed overseas, this is something which you must be careful to observe to keep good relations with your employer and co-employees. You may not enjoy this during your first few months of stay in Japan. But you will surely benefit from it in time.

Novels to read in Italy

Finding yourself preparing for a trip to Italy is an enviable position to be in. It is a country filled with magnificent art and architecture, passionate people and the best ice cream in the world. But to truly get the most out of your visit, you will want to get behind the scenes of the country and delve beneath the surface — and one of the best ways to do this is to read some books set in Italy. Here are a selection of novels that are guaranteed to make you want to jump on that plane straight away.,204,203,200_.jpg

‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ by Irving Stone

If you are traveling in Italy it is going to be hard to avoid some exposure to the Renaissance painter, sculptor and architect Michelangelo. And by reading this novel you will have a much great understanding of the man behind the art. It allows us to re-live Michelangelo’s creative process, as we work with him on his marble sculptures and walk with him through the piazzas of Florence and Rome. If you want to make the most of the first time you see the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, then read this novel before you do it.

‘When we were Romans’ by Mathew Kneale

A completely different look at Rome now, through the eyes of a nine-year old child. Lawrence’s mother decides to take her children from England to the Eternal City in a bid to get away from her estranged husband. As the family wear out their welcome with friends, Lawrence learns to deal with his mother’s mental illness – and while this is a sad and emotionally testing novel, we do witness something of a child’s joy of discovering new places and the family’s adventures in the city.

‘The Rossetti Letter’ by Christi Phillips

Venice is one of those places where you really feel as if little has changed since the Renaissance, and this novel does a wonderful job of taking us to both the modern city and the Venice of the past. Claire is an historian who is searching for the truth about a 17th century Venetian courtesan who managed to foil a group of Spaniards attempting to take over the city. The novel moves between the perspectives of the two women, telling us much about the city and its history. And as Claire is in Venice — there is, of course, a little bit of romance on the cards.

‘A Bell for Adano’ by John Hersey

Major Joppolo is an American officer put in charge of the Sicilian city of Adano after the island’s US invasion in 1943. There are plenty of great characters to fill this portrait of small town Italy during the war and it is an unashamed “feel good” novel. And while it may have been a bestseller way back in 1944, it is still a great read for us today. There are several novels written on WWII occupation, and it is refreshing to find one in which compassion and humanity play a part. Hersey won the Pulitzer Prize in 1945.

‘Ratking’ by Michael Dibdin

This crime novel take us to the Umbrian city of Perugia, and introduces us to Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen. When a rich industrialist is kidnapped, it’s decided a detective should be sent from Rome. Despite being ‘out of favour’ Zen is dispatched to solve the crime. The novel gives us plenty of detail about the city as well as the character of Italian society and the police system. And if you continue reading the series of Zen novels you will have the opportunity to travel to several other cities around the country.
So if you still have a few weeks or months to go before you set off on your trip, why not begin your journey straight away with these books set in Italy? And if you are leaving soon, then throw a couple into your carry-on bag so you have something to read on the plane. Buon Viaggio!

Travel Hacks to make the most of your money when travelling abroad

When heading abroad, whether for business or pleasure, a few simple things are all you need to follow to enjoy big savings. Every penny that you save can afterall be used to splurge on other avenues during the trip. are some simple hacks to get the most out of your money during your international travel:

  • Shop and eat in local streets

Tourist hubs are often high-priced, so make sure you visit the local streets for great souvenirs, authentic local food, the pocket friendly way.

  • Book an apartment/Stay at BnBs

Apartments and BnB’s are way cheaper than hotels, besides being bundled with the facilities of a home. You can make your own food, do your laundry and experience local lifestyle at your pace. Interact with local neighbors and shop at local convenience stores for your groceries!

  • Travel light/pack smart

Excess baggage means paying heavy charges at airports. So pack only the essentials in smaller trolley bags that you can pull along. Porters are quite expensive or even unavailable in many countries. Pack your clothes in rolls, use packing cubes and put socks inside shoes to save space.

Use reusable water bottles

These come in handy as buying water can be quite expensive. Just fill the bottle from the nearest water fountain!

  • Book flights in advance

Flight rates can rise sharply closer to travel dates, so book well in advance. Use off-peak season and travel during weekdays to save money. Ensure that you remove cookies and cache from airlines websites, as they can track your surfing activity and jack up the rates when you visit next!

  • Use home website

Use the airline’s home country website and pay in local currency to book your flight instead of  paying in INR to savebig.

  • Carry forex acquired with best ‘US dollar rate today in Mumbai’

Carry ample forex, bought from reliable vendors with best current dollar rates in Mumbai before you travel. This can insulate you from overseas merchants levying arbitrary rates on your payments abroad, since you will get the advantage of the best US dollar rate today in Mumbai of your forex purchase day each time.

Get a prepaid travel card at current dollar rates in Mumbai for all your payments beforehand. Online forex marketplaces like BookMyForex are one-stop-shops that bring you vendors with the most competitive US dollar rate today in Mumbai. You can get all the forex products at the best current dollar rates in Mumbai at your fingertips, by simply placing an order at their website.

Use these smart hacks for your next trip and you’re sure to get the maximum value for your money…

Caradonna Worldwide Dive Travel Guide

One of North America’s leading specialists in dive travel has launched its 2012 dive travel guide which is available in both print and a downloadable eBrochure. The Caradonna Worldwide Dive Adventures’ 2012 Dive Travel Guide features a collection of information for divers about the world’s exotic scuba diving destinations as well as information on the best dive resorts, liveaboards and diving operators.

Travellers planning scuba diving holidays this year can research information about “bucket list” destinations across the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. The 132-page travel guide includes beautiful underwater photographs that have been taken by some of the world’s most renowned photographers such as the former National Geographic Photographer, David Doubilet.

divers in a cave
Scuba diving is becoming an increasingly popular sport for people of all ages and more tourists are heading to exotic scuba diving destinations such as Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, Red Sea resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada in Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Florida in the United States, and Indian Ocean islands including the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles. During scuba diving adventures, divers will have the chance to explore the magnificent underwater world and its thousands of marine creatures including dolphins, sharks, whales, turtles, rays, tropical fish, colourful corals and reefs, as well as historic shipwrecks and aircraft that lie beneath the surface of the world’s oceans.

Sinking the Vandenberg
Caradonna Worldwide Dive Adventures was established in 1985 where it began providing holidays for travellers seeking scuba diving activities across the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Over the years the company has become one of the largest travel providers in the scuba diving industry and now tourists can enjoy scuba diving in the Red Sea, Africa, the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East with the help and expertise of the travel experts.

Oonas Dive Club - Naama Bay - Sharm el Sheikh
Caradonna works with travel agents, airlines, dive charters and hotels to provide unforgettable scuba diving experiences for travellers from all over the world. The company’s aim is to promote and protect the magnificent marine world by working with the environmental agencies such as Reef Alliance and Beautiful Oceans.

Cheap Las Vegas Car Rentals: Driving Towards Savings On The Strip

There are plenty of easy ways to get around Sin City without a car, what with the town’s over-abundance of Taxis, a monorail that runs up and down Las Vegas Boulevard late into the night, or even Segway tours of The Strip. But if you insist on getting behind the wheel of a car and navigating the always impenetrable mess of stop and start traffic known as The Las Vegas Strip, here are some great tips for saving money on cheap Las Vegas car rentals that will prevent you from going broke in Vegas.

BOOK EARLY: The easiest, best, and most obvious way to save big money on your car rental rates is to reserve your vehicle as far in advance as possible. You book your flights and hotels early when you plan a trip, so why not do the same for your rental car? The closer to your date of arrival that you book your car, the more the rental agency will gouge you. Reserve your vehicle as early as possible.

PACKAGE DEAL! A surefire way to save money is to purchase everything you know you’ll need for your trip in one bundle. Package deals can save you lots of money if you book your hotel room, flight, show tickets, and yes, rental car all at once. Hotels, airlines, and travel sites all offer great package deals that will cost you a lot less than paying for each piece separately, so book your car along with other pieces of your travel itinerary and save some big money.

LET TRAVEL SITES COMPETE FOR YOUR MONEY! You can’t throw a digital rock these days without hitting a travel site that aggregates the best prices on everything you’ll need when traveling, including car rental prices. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Travel Zoo, Priceline, Hotwire, Kayak… the list goes on and on for sites that are dedicated to offering you the very best travel deal. You can easily browse through as many of the sites that you want until you find the absolute best deal. There’s even a site dedicated specifically to aggregating the best prices in Rental Cars , aptly named RentalsCars.Com… but don’t stick with any even one narrowly focused site when you can take a quick look at the other options for the very best prices.

INCONVENIENCE CAN LEAD TO SAVINGS! As great as it may sound to have a car idling for you when you land in Vegas, you may end up paying dearly for that convenience. Search for mom and pop rental franchises that are located off-site from the airport or The Strip, and you will find some great deals. These less convenient franchises will try harder to get you in the door to win your business than those that are easier to access, so a little extra work getting to them could pay off with great prices.

You can find many more deals and money saving strategies online in the battle to cheap Las Vegas car rentals. But in the end, the best idea might be to ditch the idea of driving within the Vegas city limits altogether. It’s easy to get around town without a car, and more importantly, you won’t have to deal with slow moving traffic caused by drivers too buzzed to be behind the wheel, strobe-light flashing party buses, view-obstructing trucks dragging escort-service billboards, lumbering limos shuttling patrons to strip clubs, a seemingly endless army of overly aggressive cabbies, or pedestrians sporting obnoxiously large frozen Margaritas and crossing the street as they ignore flashing Don’t Walk signs that make The Strip a nightmare for motorists. Why deal with those frustrations when you can zoom around town in a futuristic monorail that avoids the mania-inducing traffic, let one of those cabbies drive over-aggressively for your benefit, or enjoy your own obnoxiously large (yet insanely delicious) frozen margarita yourself as you travel The Strip by foot (or Segway)?

Capsule Hotels in Japan

What is a capsule hotel?
A capsule hotel can be described as a hotel system that provides densely populated accommodation which contains rooms of a relatively standardized size based on modular plastic or fibreglass sleeping quarters. Other than your own room, all other facilities are shared.

Although capsule hotels are quintessentially Japanese, the first capsule hotel was only built in 1979 by a chap in Osaka by the name of Kisho Kurokawa. The rates were a bit lower back then at about 1,600 yen. Capsule hotels are a uniquely Japanese phenomenom not only because of space restrictions but because Japan is still a relatively safe country and such a facility would be unthinkable in many other countries.

It wasn’t until 1985, when the Tsukuba Science Expo was held, that capsule hotels became well known in Japan. There wasn’t enough room to accommodate everyone so the organisers decided to make capsule hotels so everyone could enjoy the expo and stay overnight. This became big news when reported on Japanese televsion, and since then capsule hotels have become part of the Japanese vocabulary. The first reported capsule hotel in Tokyo was Green Plaza Shinjuku, located in the red light district of Kabukicho. The Green Plaza is also the biggest capsule hotel in Tokyo with 630 rooms.

How to use a capsule hotel
Most capsule hotels do not have a key to the room so you need to place your valuables in a separate locker. You have to share the bathroom, rest room and bath with everyone else (most capsule hotels have a sauna included). Most of the basics are provided and they have a communal bath which you share with other clientelle. Many capsule hotels have a large bath called a ‘Rotenburo’ which means ‘open air bath’ where you can relax under the open sky.

When you enter you have to take off your shoes, put them in a shoe locker and lock it with the key which is provided. You then give the shoe locker key to the reception staff and they provide you with another key for a small clothes locker. At this point they give you a description of how their system works. There is usually a Yukata, bath towel and a small hand towel in the locker in which you place your belongings. After you do this you can then go to your room.

You can watch a small television while lying down (usually around 8 inches). In fact, the capsule hotels are so compact that it is possible to operate the lights, air conditioning, TV, radio and Alarm Clock from the bed without having to move. One negative aspect of Capsule Hotels is that they are not sound proof, so it is possible to hear the person next to you snoring (earplugs are recommended).

Most capsule hotels have a two-tiered system so each room has two capsule rooms – one on top and one on the bottom. The people at the front tell you whether you are on the top or bottom one and you can access the top bunk rooms via the stairs provided. For those over about 190cm, you have to bend your legs slightly when you go to bed. For those who are a little overweight there usually isn’t a problem with the width.

Most capsule hotels are found in central city areas where it is common for people to miss the last train or bus. Nearly all capsule hotels are within walking distance of a station.

Although many people use capsule hotels because they miss the last train home, it is possilbe to make reservations via the internet or by phone.

Many of the capsule hotels only accept men, but there are some which are exclusive to women. In terms of time restrictions, most places have a check in time of 17:00 and check out time of 10:00am. Depending on the type of capsule hotel, you are required to return to the hotel by 02:00, but others are 24 hours.

Although most capsule hotels require you to stay a night, there are some which allow you to use facilities for a shorter period of time if you just want to take a break. For example, at Capsule Inn Akihabara they allow you to take a shower for 500 yen or sleep/rest for 3 hours for 1,200 yen or 7 hours for 2,500 yen. Some places have restrictions on how many nights you can stay, so if you are looking to stay for a period of more than 2 nights you should check their conditions before booking.

Capsule Hotels are thought to be men only domains, but there are many places available where women can stay. Some are exclusive to women and some allow both men and women to stay in the same complex, although the accommodation areas and bathing are separated.

At most capsule hotels you can not take your own food or drink into the capsule hotels and you must be over 18.

Recent trends
Although foreigners describe capsule hotels as ‘Coffin hotels’, in many cases this is an unfair description. Some of the more recent capsule hotels have internet access, a key for your room, private videos (such as Hotel Dandy in Ueno) and a private shower room. They also have cabin types which have a chair and table. More recently, double-bed capsule hotels have been introduced where you are allowed two people to a room. In many of the new establishments, on the top floor they have an open sauna (rotenburo) and a separate massage room. In particular, some of the women only capsule hotels are quite extravagant with high quality spas.

Alternative accommodation
If you are looking for something even cheaper than a capsule hotel (although possibly not quite as comfortable), other alternatives are Kenkou (health) land or Manga Kissatens.

5 Most Popular Towns you must Visit during a Cruise along the Mediterranean Sea:

The Mediterranean countries of Europe boast of excellent scenic beauty and enjoy a mild climate all year round. A lot of travellers and tourists are opting for luxury liners as they choose to cruise along the Mediterranean coast of Europe and visit some of the most popular and beautiful port cities of France, Italy, Greece and Spain. Many Italy tours offered by travel companies today have the choice to opt for a cruise to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

The top 5 Italian port Towns you must visit are―

1. Livorno:

The small Italian port town of Livorno is Tuscany’s second largest city. If you happen to visit this town you must try the seafood here which is not only very fresh but also one of the best in the world. Visit the Sanctuary of Montenero, Piazza Della Republica, Fortezza Vicchia and Livorno’s harbour front when in this town.

2. Toulon:

Toulon is a city in Southern France which also happens to be a large military harbour along the Mediterranean coast. The city of Toulon has an old world charm which will definitely take you back in time. After enjoying a quick snack at one of its cafés you may set out to visit the Caryatides Building, the Fountain of Three Dolphins and also have a look at the many shops and boutiques line neatly along the Rue Lamague. Also hop on to a charming tourist train which travels along the beautiful beaches of this town.

3. Barcelona:

The city of Barcelona is popular among tourists visiting Spain because of its colourful and vibrant street life, mouth-watering cuisine and its unique architecture. If you want to admire Barcelona’s quirky and modern architecture explore the city on foot and admire the most famous buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Amatller and the Park Guell which will surely fascinate you. Also do enjoy tapas at one of the many eateries here.

4. Olbia:

Olbia is a small city in Sardinia known for its white beaches. Do make it a point to visit the Giant’s Grave, Holy well of Sa Testa and the castle of Pedres during your halt in this quaint beach town.

5. Naples:

If you are visiting all the popular Mediterranean port towns you just have to visit Naples, one of the largest cities of Italy. Most Italy tours have Naples in their itinerary. The main city square of Naples is the Piazza del Plebiscito around which the Castle of Nuovo and the church of San Francisco di Paola are located. You are bound to notice the blend of traditional and modern architecture while moving along the streets of Naples.

Italy Tours are becoming popular among Indians and more and more of them are visiting this European country every year.

Is Lekker International a Legitiate Home Business Opportunity?

The global economic meltdown is really having a negative impact on businesses. More and more people are losing their jobs, and unemployment is growing at an unpleasant rate. These have lead to people getting more desperate and doing whatever they can just to earn extra money, and one of which is joining the Network Marketing industry. But Network Marketing is not a job; it is a business opportunity. However, making money through Network Marketing is not easy because there are also a lot of scams existing today. It is very important to perform your due diligence before venturing into any Network Marketing company in order to avoid more financial heartbreak.

This Lekker International review is written with a purpose to explain in all honesty what this business model is all about, and not to sell you this business. I simply do not tolerate and will never support online get-rich-quick schemes and scams. Lekker International is neither a get-rich-quick scheme nor a scam.

Lekker International is an international Travel, Leisure, Lifestyle and Rewards Company backed up with an experienced Management Team. Michael Faust – Founder of this company, who has spent 20 years in Network Marketing and achieved success with some related MLM Travel Companies, has always dreamt of establishing his own MLM Travel Company. His end result is Lekker International, and the company is still in Soft Launch as of the writing of this article.

Lekker International has negotiated global rights for Network Marketing with a large international travel rewards company that delivers exclusive product benefits from the world’s leading leisure and travel operators. Unlike anything else you have seen before in MLM Travel and Leisure companies, their system is PATENTED! After many years of developing an enviable client base of highly recognised corporate clients, this patented system is now offering people like you access to these sought after travel offerings through Lekker International.

You can ONLY join this business opportunity through a special invitation link from a Lekker Associate. The Company realises that everyone has different needs, budget and goals when it comes to leisure and travel. So rather than offer a ONE product fits ALL, Lekker offers three levels of access each offering different benefits and privileges. These levels are the Bronze Lifestyle, Silver Lifestyle, and Gold Lifestyle Packs. What is even more amazing is that when you purchase any of the Lekker Lifestyle Pack, you immediately receive a “Travel Voucher” equal to the value of your upfront outlay which you can use to slash the cost of staying at thousands of resorts and hotels all around the globe.

Lekker International is not a typical MLM system that is set up so that only the top level members earn a lot of money and the rest of the team members earn next to nothing. No one is left behind as the company utilizes the BINARY Compensation Plan. Binary compensation plans are powerful in that each member only has two teams to build, a LEFT and a RIGHT team so every time a member introduces more than two people, every extra member they introduce MUST be placed under an existing member in either their left or right team, thereby creating what we call SPILLOVERS. Members are paid WEEKLY in Euros. Lekker also offers great resource materials that will teach all members how this business works and how to build and grow their own Lekker Team.

Lekker International is a very UNIQUE and genuine work from home business opportunity. It is the ONLY Company in Network Marketing focusing on travel that has secured EXCLUSIVELY to Lekker, PATENTED travel benefits you can not find elsewhere and that NO other MLM is going to be able to offer or access. Lekker is also the ONLY Company in Network Marketing focusing on travel that allows you to earn attractive cash rewards whilst REBATING all of your costs to be involved in travel vouchers; and these GENUINE travel vouchers can be applied as Euro for Euro contributions towards future holidays and other fantastic global travel and leisure deals – exclusive to Lekker Associate. In fact, Lekker International is on track to be a leader in the travel sector of Network Marketing. Live a Lekker Life.

Ten Best Travel Photography Books Ever

Travel photography is a subcategory of photography involving the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. The Photographic Society of America defines a travel photo as an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations.

Here are the ten best travel photo books and photo essays ever:

1) Portraits by Steve McCurry


Magnum photographer Steve McCurry never set out to take portraits. Critically acclaimed and recognized internationally for his classic reportage, over the last 20 years he has worked for the “National Geographic” and other publications on numerous assignments: along the Afghan border, in Baghdad, Beirut and the Sahel. McCurry’s coverage of the monsoon won first prize in the World Press Awards, and was part of his portfolio when he was named Magazine Photographer of the Year in 1984. In 1985, McCurry photographed an Afghan girl for the “National Geographic”. The intensity of the subject’s eyes and her compelling gaze made this one of contemporary photography’s most celebrated and best-known portraits. McCurry is now equally famous for his other portrayals of memorable faces that he has encountered while travelling throughout the world. Compelling, unforgettable and moving, McCurry’s images are unique street portraits: unstylized and unposed snapshots of people that reveal the universality of human emotion.

2) Through the Lens: National Geographic’s Greatest Photographs


This monumental collection of 250 photos, mostly in color and drawn from the National Geographic Society’s archive of 10.5 million, will be published simultaneously in 20 languages, with an eye toward the 113-year-old magazine’s international readership of 40 million. As in the magazine, the society’s signature blend of dramatic, rigorously composed natural shots and “family of nations”-style culture peeps are backed by broad captions and text (“Perfecting la dolce vita, the people of Europe are renowned for their wholehearted embrace of life’s rewards, from festivals to fine dining to stolen moments with friends or loved ones”) often far exceeded by the pictures themselves. Meticulously (and sympathetically) deconstructed in Catherine Lutz and Jane Collins’s early ’90s book Reading National Geographic, the society’s broader-crossing humanism is in full effect here-and it retains its arresting power. The six sections (“Europe”; “Asia”; “Africa & the Middle East”; “The Americas”; “Oceans and Isles”; “The Universe”) include the first color underwater photographs, as well as collaborative work with NASA, and prominently credit the 84 photographers whose work is featured, giving the book a less homogenous feel.

3) Work: The World in Photographs by Ferdinand Protzman


The enormous variety of things that people do for survival and sustenance is impressively represented in this book. Neither doctor nor lawyer is included, and only a small number of white-collar jobs make the cut. Instead, readers see clover collectors in Yemen, bootblacks in Portugal, ice fishermen in Russia, coal miners in West Virginia, and salt miners in Ukraine. The volume is arranged in geographic sections: Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas, and Islands. Interspersed among them are three thematic portfolios: agriculture, extraction (mining), and manufacturing. Protzman contributes engaging and helpful introductions to each geographic section, as well as brief notes introducing the thematic portfolios. With few exceptions the photos are captivating and of high technical quality. Most were taken within the past 20 years, although some are historical, including a few early-20th-century images by Lewis Hine. Many of the images display poverty, hardship, and oppression (especially of children). A few are whimsical, including a workhorse keeping cool in Spain with the aid of a tiny umbrella. The message that work can be tedious and dangerous, as well as rewarding and enjoyable, is thoroughly established.

4) Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa by Hans Walter Silvester


In this stunning collection of photographs, Silvester (Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley) celebrates the unique art of the Surma and Mursi tribes of the Omo Valley, on the borders of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. These nomadic people have no architecture or crafts with which to express their innate artistic sense. Instead, they use their bodies as canvases, painting their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them—such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns. The adolescents of the tribes are especially adept at this art, and Silvester’s superb photographs show many youths who, imbued with an exquisite sense of color and form, have painted their beautiful bodies with colorful dots, stripes and circles, and encased themselves in elaborate arrangements of vegetation and found objects. This art is endlessly inventive, magical and, above all, fun. In his brief text, Sylvester worries that as civilization encroaches on this largely unexplored region, these people will lose their delightful tradition.

5) CHINA: Portrait of a People by Tom Carter


There are more than 1.3 billion people in China. Besides the majority Han Chinese, the population includes 56 ethnic groups numbering over one hundred million. Over the course of 2 years and 35,000 miles, photojournalist Tom Carter captured it ALL on film. For their historical value alone, the 800+ photos in Portrait are priceless. Carter’s anthropological-like study of China stands apart in its genre, as it focuses expressly on the PEOPLE of China. In addition to documenting the everyday life of “ordinary” people, Carter also backpacked to the most remote areas of China to observe reclusive ethnic minorities such as the red-turbaned Pai Yao minority of northern Guangdong and the resplendent Dong and Miao tribes of eastern Guizhou. From Inner Mongolian nomads to newlyweds in Hong Kong, from the teenage girl living in Chengdu dressed like an American punk rocker to the soot covered coal miner in Southern Shanxi, Carter’s camera documented the complexity and diversity of China like no other book ever has (or likely ever will).

6) The Travel Book by Celeste Brash


Even the most avid readers of travel guides and travel literature will not have encountered a book quite like this one. It is huge and heavy but reasonably priced, and it is vastly informative, which is its calling card. All the writers who contribute to the Lonely Planet travel guide series have put heads, knowledge, and experience together and come up with an A-Z series of capsule profiles of every country in the world, 230 in number. Each country gets a two-page spread, on which are placed, like luscious dishes set before one at a feast, illustrations that are typical of Lonely Planet’s unique, non-picture-postcard brand of shots. The accompanying text presents a cogent rundown of the best experiences for gaining the essence of the place; books to read beforehand; music to listen to before you go; food and drink to consume once you are there; and a few brief but pungent closing comments on the trademark things to do and buy and see and what, ultimately, is the best surprise awaiting the tourist. For borrowers in the travel section to sit down, look at, and make notes from, without taking off the premises.

7) Fruits by Shoichi Aoki


If you ever wondered where the catwalk got its claws, then the portraits gathered in photographer Shoichi Aoki’s book Fruits, from the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, point the way to an extraordinarily imaginative and invariably stunning glut of mongrel fashion heists. A best-of collection from the fanzine of the same name, and published for the first time outside Japan, Fruits keeps its style clean: front-on, razor-sharp images, ranging from the deadpan to the manic, of the sharpest collages of sartorial influence that, usually, little money can buy. From off the peg to off the wall, kitsch to b***h, each person bears a combination and philosophy as distinctive as DNA. All shades of aesthetic are raided, with exquisite, scrupulous attention to detail. Punk is a favorite, as is, appropriately, Vivienne Westwood, alongside Milk and Jean-Paul Gaultier, and the occasional Comme des Garçons. Many of the outfits, though, are second-hand or self-assembly, such as a skirt drooping petals of men’s silk ties, Wa-mono, when tradition Japanese clothes are topped with, say, an authentic bowler hat, EGL (elegant gothic Lolita), and a swathe of tartans, pinks, and turquoises. The most malleable feature, unsurprisingly, is hair, with dreadlocks, mohicans, back-combing, and crops dyed an irradiated spectrum. While the eye is drawn, obediently, to the mannequins, the background is often worth a look, either for the vending machines against which a number are shot, or the ubiquitous Gap store and bags, a constant reminder of the global mass market.

8) One Planet – Lonely Planet Publications

The old adage that says a picture is worth a thousand words seems to hold true especially well for travel. Browsing through Lonely Planet’s One Planet: Inspirational Travel Photographs, a collection of some of the best photos from the Lonely Planet Images Library, will give you plenty of inspiration for your future travels; alternatively, you could simply use it as an excellent armchair travel experience. The introduction to this (smallish) coffee table book says that the pictures were chosen for beauty, of course, but also “for their sense of capturing a moment in time, a moment that is shared across the globe”. And it’s a good point, because this collection is relatively free of those vast landscape photographs or impossible-to-replicate air shots that some travel books love. In fact, in the vast majority of photographs there are people, keeping the collection far removed from typical postcard shots. The photographs are, as you can imagine, from across the world: a teenager in Chile, divers in Indonesia, street parades in London and people struggling against typhoon winds in Hong Kong. It’s a book to dip into again and again, whether you’re looking for ideas to help you plan a trip or just wanting to escape for a moment from everyday life.

9) Revelations: Latin American Wisdom for Every Day by Danielle Föllmi


A cradle of Nobel Prize winners and a font of ancient wisdom, Latin America provides a wealth of sublime source material for the husband-and-wife creative team of Danielle and Olivier Föllmi. In the latest installment in their Offerings for Humanity series, the authors draw nuggets of written wisdom from the Andean plains to the Mexican desert. Set against the stunning visual backdrop of 365 photographs, taken all across the continent by Olivier, these quotations come from both world-renowned Latin American writers (including Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and Carlos Fuentes) and traditional Indian spiritual teachings, demonstrating the subtle interweaving of ancestral belief and contemporary thought in one of the world’s most intellectually fertile regions. Like their previous explorations of Buddhist, Indian, and African wisdom, this new volume will surprise, enlighten, and nourish the soul. Danielle and Olivier Föllmi are the authors of 14 books, including Offerings, Wisdom, and Origins in the bestselling 365 series. They are the founders of HOPE, an association dedicated to education in the Himalayas and divide their time between the Alps and travels around the world.

10) Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America by Brian Vanden Brink


Brian Vanden Brink’s photographs of a decaying America provoke both melancholy and wonder. This is a thoughtful book that is worth keeping at hand for those times when one feels a need for introspection. Each of us likes to think that we are unique with eternal visions of our lives, but in fact our place in this world is only temporary – doomed to a certain deadly end. But men and women tend to leave monuments behind, and Vanden Brink has captured those relics with his camera — before the relics, too, turn to dust. Vanden Brink is a professional architectural photographer whose career has focused on contemporary architectural design. As he traveled around the country on assignment for such magazines as Architectural Digest, the New York Times Magazine and Down East Magazine in Maine, however, Vanden Brink’s artistic eye fell on old wrecks of homes, churches, stores, factories and bridges that were all but falling down. Fortunately, he took the time to photograph his discoveries. Vanden Brink is following a grand tradition in modern photography. The pioneer in this genre, of course, was Eugene Atget who focused on ancien France with his 19th century photographs of ghostly structures. Andre Kertesz was also a well know chronicler of fading architecture, as was Maine native Berenice Abbott. More recently, William Christenberry captured the essence of the old south with his penetrating photographs of crumbling buildings overgrown by vines and trees.

100+ Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Almost everyone comes to Vegas to gamble. However, there are a heck of a lot of ways to entertain yourself in Vegas without gambling.

If you’re after free things to do in Las Vegas, Las Vegas free shows, Las Vegas free attractions and Las Vegas Free Entertainment I have done the work for you.

30 free things to do in Las Vegas – be sure to keep reading to the end to download not 100 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas but 121 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas.

ALADDIN – They have a rain display where water falls from the ceiling into a reflecting pool below.



BALLY’S HOTEL – Light, water and sound show


BASS PRO SHOPS OUTDOOR WORLD – the layout of this store is similar to a natural history museum. An extra special feature is the live bass aquarium.

BASS PRO SHOPS – Fishing demonstrations

BELLAGIO – They have an elaborate fountain show on every half hour and can be seen from the street or by standing on the casino’s front porch. 1200 nozzles and 4500 lights are used. The Bellagio is also famous for its botanical garden. There are over 7500 flowers, trees and plants displayed and the atrium is changed six to eight times a year.

BELLAGIO – Stunning Bellagio hotel lobby

BELLAGIO – Chocolate fountain

BONNIE SPRINGS PETTING ZOO/OLD NEVADA – Less than half an hour west of Vegas you will find this extensive free petting zoo though donations are accepted gratefully! The whole place is like a recreation of the wild west of Nevada. There is a mining town (small fee), plus a miniature locomotive.

BOULDER CITY – Hoover dam

CAESARS PALACE – Caesar and Cleopatra walk around inside waiting for you to quiz them about historical events. There is also a circular aquarium at the far end. You can take a free tour every weekday to find out how the fish tank works and what the employees do to keep the fish happy.

CAESARS PALACE FORUM SHOPS – Every hour two fountains come to life. There are two shows. The first show features Bacchanal and the second show features Neptune. Very popular and crowded. To easily slip out watch near the back of the crowd. The show starts promptly on the hour.


CANNON AVIATION MUSEUM – This is located at the McCarran International Airport. There is a large exhibit about the aviation history of Las Vegas.

CHINA DATE RANCH – This is a small working farm with a huge selection of fresh dates and baked goods. The date palms have brightly coloured petticoat skirts which keep the birds away and the dates happy.

CHINATOWN – Just like many Chinatowns around the world. A great experience and lots of fun.

CIRCUS CIRCUS – The AdventureDome is free to walk around in though rides cost. The theme here is the Grand Canyon. From 11am to 12pm, every 20 minutes, a different circus act performs on the midway above the casino.

COFFEE ROASTERS OF LAS VEGAS – Find out everything you wanted to know about tea and coffee here. There are tours and classes – tours are free – and you also get to enjoy a free sample.

DESERT DEMONSTRATION GARDEN – A display of hundreds of desert plants and explaining how desert plants grow in the desert.

DESERT PASSAGE MALL – Harbor rainstorm



ED ROMAN GUITARS – Guitar museum

ETHEL M CHOCOLATES – now who doesn’t like chocolate? They have a great tour showing how they make fudge, chocolate squares and more. The address is 2 Cactus Drive Garden and their site is At the end you’ll also get a free piece of chocolate.

EXCALIBUR – Aimed at children there are Court Jester performances and medieval acts

FASHION SHOW MALL – Fashion shows

FISHER SPACE PEN COMPANY – This pen has been on every single manned space flight since 1968. 711 Yucca Street, Boulder City.

FLAIR BARTENDER SHOWS – at various Vegas locations

After 100 free things to do in Las Vegas? Keep reading to download 121 free things to do in Las Vegas right now.

Holidays and Everyday Life in Japan

Few countries could be more different to our way of life than Japan. The distinctive language, interesting food and instantly recognizable décor gives westerners on holiday to Japan an experience which cannot be rivalled.’s said that the best time to visit Japan is either April or November, as this is when the cherry blossoms for which Japan is famous are in full bloom. Times to be avoided if possible are the Japanese holidays at the beginning of January, 29 April – 5 May (Golden Week), and Obon week; usually celebrated mid-august, although some regions celebrate it in mid-July. Obon week is also in the middle of the Japanese summer holidays when the children are off school, and, as in this country, cheap holidays are difficult to come by.

For the rest of the year, Japan is a lovely place to be. After the New Year celebrations are over, the remainder of January and February are generally quiet, which makes for an ideal time to go sight-seeing. Additionally, holidays at this time are usually cheaper, and the weather is sunny and dry. Northern Japan gets good snowfall around this time, so it’s especially good if you like winter sports.

The rainy season hits Japan around the beginning of May and carries on till mid July, and while it doesn’t always rain every day, it will be gloomy and overcast. The exception is Hokkaido, which doesn’t tend to be affected by the rains, so this is a popular destination for summer holidays. September is a warm and humid month, but cheap holidays are easier to get during this time as the summer crowds thin out. October and November remain warm, but the humidity level drops, making it more comfortable for tourists during this time. Airfares and hotels remain cheap up until the middle of December.

There are many different types of holiday accommodation in Japan. The cheapest are the hostels and dormitories, averaging between 2000 and 4000 Yen (£9 – £20) per person. They are very similar to the western equivalent and are popular with backpackers or people on short holidays. Capsule hotels, commonly used by businessmen and comprising of little more than a bed, television and shared bathroom, are very similar to the Formule One hotels in the rest of Europe. These average at 3000 – 4000 Yen (£14 – £20) per person.

For a real taste of Japan, a stay at a Ryokan or Minshuku is a must. These are like the western inn or bed and breakfast, but with a traditional Japanese style. You’ll sleep on a futon, kneel while eating sushi and other Japanese fare, and use a Japanese-style bathroom. The prices range from 4000 to 30,000 Yen (£14 – £140). Prices are usually quoted as per person per night instead of per room.

If you wish to stay for a longer period, such as a month or more, Japan has Gaijin houses (guest houses) apartments and shared houses which you pay for on a monthly basis. These cost anything upwards of 40,000 Yen (£200) per month, and can give the tourist an idea of life in Japan without having to go to the expense of furnishing a place.

Italy and the Coffee Culture

Italians Love Their Coffee. Have you seen the Italian version of ‘Survivor”? Just like in any other franchise of the series, the famished contestants are left stranded on a deserted island equipped only with the most basic of necessities. But have you noticed that the contestants were provided with implements to be able to make a perfect espresso? What happened to the ‘basic of necessities’?, for an Italian, coffee is an utter necessity. It is considered essential and without its presence all aspect of civilization will fall to pieces. Being stuck in a forsaken land mass situated across the Pacific does not change that fact. You may take away their mobile phones, you may take away their pasta or pizza, even their privacy, but not their coffee. No, not their coffee.

The sheer number of café bars in Italy only shows how serious the locals are with regards to their coffee. Want to start a state war? Ask two locals (originating from different regions) on how to make the perfect cup of espresso. Kidding aside, the fact is, Italians have painstakingly devised quite a variety of ways on how to serve coffee. From the roast to the service and everything in between, this is an art to be perfected.

In Italy, you need not go to an exclusive café to have a sip of good quality cappuccino or espresso. In truth, one can even opt to enter the most modest looking establishment and still get a hot drink of high quality. In almost every café, there sits a top of the line coffee machine polished more gingerly than the scooters parked outside.

Good Coffee & Great Coffee

With all this hype, one can easily forget that coffee beans are neither grown nor harvested in any part of Italy (for real!) Individuals around the world might say that the best coffee is grown in Italy, wrong! The more appropriate statement is, the best coffee is roasted and blended in Italy. A good cup of coffee stems from good coffee beans, however, only a master roaster can transform these beans into a drink worthy of being called great.

Coffee Beans

Italian coffee chiefly uses Arabica beans for its full-bodied flavor and its low caffeine content. But for those who want a taste of a much stronger drink, like those situated on the southern part of the nation, Arabica is blended with Robusta. The latter possesses stronger taste and higher caffeine content.

Roasting the Beans

In Italy coffee tastes a tad bit different in any given region because each and every state and even province, has their own technique in brewing the perfect cup. Of course, they blend the beans according to their own palate.

French versus Italian Coffee

An Italian roast results to a coffee that displays a rich shade of brown with little or no oil on the beans. This is far different from the roast coffee of its neighboring country, France. French coffee tends to have a deep dark color and is very oily. The roasting time? Well, this would depend on the kind of beans that will be roasted. But with the Robusta and the Arabica, the former posts a longer roasting time.

The Tourist, The Italian Coffee and The Locals

Leave your tall, grande, and venti at Starbucks. These coffee sizes are non-existent in Italy. Also, bear in mind that Italians drink their coffee as it is, and is being ordered after finishing a meal. It is only during breakfast that they consume coffee with a meal.

If you want an espresso, simply say ‘caffe’ and your drink will be given in a non-disposable cup. Espresso is intended to be finished promptly. The term ‘to go’ is non-existent as well. As with the price, drinking at the bar (while standing) and leisurely sipping your coffee at the table will make an impact in your wallet. The latter costs much (sometimes reaching four times higher) as measured against drinking at the bar. And last piece of advice; do not order cappuccino after eleven in the morning. The drink is supposed to be consumed in the morning, asking for one would be a blunder.

5 Hot Jobs for Every Travel Enthusiast

Who does not love travelling, exploring new places, wondering across borders and having a joyful time in the midst of nature? There is a travelling bug insider every person, some of us embrace it while some ignore it. While few consider travelling as a hobby; for rest of us it’s a luxury that we cannot afford!

What if, you get to earn as a traveler?

What if you get a job that not only give you big fat cheque, but also allow you to travel the world?

Yes, you heard it right!

With the changing job structure and increasing globalization, India now has tons of jobs opportunities for freshers. Distributed in several niches, these jobs not only provide employment opportunities but also allow a candidate to peruse his/her hobby and earn.

In this article, we are going to explore 5 hot career option that a travelling enthusiast has in India:

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a perfect and top most option for every job seeker who is a travel lover. Starting from the fascinating documentaries to the wildlife photography of National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel; Wildlife photography is an apt option for those in love with Mother Nature. Spend your days, weeks and months in the midst of forest, get rid of all the routine work and yelling boss with this adventurous career option.

International Journalist

World of news and media also allow an aspirant to travel the world. Rise of 24/7 media has given boost to the correspondent and reporters job market in and across India. An international correspondent gets to travel the world and break his boundaries. If you think you have what it takes to be a good reporter or media personal, this may be a perfect career choice just for you.

English Teacher

There is a huge demand of English teachers in the Non-English speaking countries of the world. However, it is not as glamorous as wildlife photography or journalism, but English teacher work internationally with non-profit agencies and government bodies to help poor/underdeveloped nations communicate with rest of the world.


Fly a plane across the world. If you are someone with a science degree could easily enroll themselves with government recognized flight school and earn a professional flying degree. Government also provide numerous scholarships for a pilot aspirant in India.

International Flight Attendant

An apt career option for all those who are not inclined towards academics. International flight attendant or airhostess not only allow you to travel the world, but it also allow you to earn well without having a solid academic background.

Final Word

Non-conventional by nature, these jobs provide amazing future to the employment market of our country. If you have the passion and enthusiasm, start filling out the applications right away.

Edgar Rice Burroughs — America’s Early Time Traveler? By J.e. Ante

Edgar Rice Burroughs who died in 1950 was most likely one of the first time travelers tasks by the American military. Since the time travel and teleportation discoveries in the late 1940s beginning with the Philadelphia Experiments the military has sought to prepare the public for the eventual discoveries of intelligent life on Mars and throughout the solar system. Few men were better qualified and mentally resilient enough to be the first to travel in time and space to the other worlds. time travel was only discovered by the Americans in the late 1940s Burroughs must have written his Mars fictionalized accounts in the late 1940s and then time traveled them to his publishers back in 1911 when they were first published. This back dating and publishing of Burroughs Mars works was probably undertaken to prepare the masses in the future time for the discovery of the many bizarre lifeforms that existed on the Mars surface.

Many other science fiction writers of the late 1940s may have also been approached to travel in time and space and write about their experiences in fictionalized stories. Burroughs with military connects and his Pacific WW2 experiences was probably one of the first writers approached and successfully implemented into the time traveler and planetary teleport programs. But the question arises of whether he time traveled extensively off-planet to Mars, Venus, Moon, and the hollow Earth core or did he simply read and view photos and written accounts by the actual travelers and only write about it.

The other question is whether he spent extensive time in the past or future experiencing life and writing about it in other times and off world. Or did he stay in the present time only and read about other time traveler experiences. The fact that he describes the time travel, teleport technologies, and many strange Mars lifeforms closely as we know them today seems to show that he knew them intimately and saw off-world alien lifeforms directly.

Since the elite American military and political leaders did not reveal the secrets of time travel and teleportation and intelligent life on other planets to the masses much of Burrough’s early efforts to write and publish his eleven book John Carter of Mars series and teleport them to his publishers in 1917 seems largely wasted.

Most of Burroughs works are action adventure science fiction of a hero who saves a beautiful girl from evil encounters against great odds with little more than brute force, special skills, and determination. This formula along with the colorful alien environments and many counter twists and suprises made Burroughs writings the most popular of his time. But the question remains what was his time and where did he spend most of it — in the past, present, or future writing his popular novels of alien worlds.

Perhaps someday the military will declassify this information and the true story can be told again of one of America’s first time and space travelers. And other successful science fiction writers and time travelers can be documented and acknowledged openly for the first time.

Burroughs most likely was contacted in 1911 by Army time travelers because his death was known to be in June of 1950.  He was probably a little know businessman in his original timeline with no published works of his own to distinguish himself. He was probably contacted in 1911 at age 35 by military time travelers with a deal to publish their provided works which in return would make him a comfortable living as a writer.  All he had to do was recopy them to his own notebooks and make small changes of his own.  Even the rewrites would be handled by them.  Probably a dozen or more science fiction writers in the early 1950s were tasked to write the Burroughs novels.  Burrough’s autobiographer provides ample clues that this was what happened.

“The Edgar Rice Burroughs of summer 1911 who entered hesitantly into the field of writing was almost a dual personality.  To relatives and close friends he was a delightful man, a humorous practical joker and composer of fairy tales and clever drawings for favorite nieces and nephews.  Yet in the business world where he struggled desperately for success he was matter-of-fact, never disclosing the creative imagination of a writer.  For example, in a letter discussing his first story he used the stilted jargon of commerce: “It is purely a business proposition with me and I wish to deliver the goods in accordance with your specifications.”  Though this seems ludicrous, it must be remembered that Burroughs bore not only a suppressed talent but an accumulation of buried hopes, regrets, and frustrations.  Approaching thirty-six, he probably viewed his present unhappy circumstances and the past years of random ventures and short-lived occupations with bewilderment and confusion.  He had reached a dead end, unable to discover goals or direction.”  — Irwin Porges, page 25, in autobiography– Edgar Rice Burroughs The Man Who Created Tarzan.

Burroughs himself hints that he did not write his stories.  He originally refers to himself in margin notes in the pen name of “By Normal Bean” referring to himself as a normal person. And he also summarizes his first Martian story to a magazine curiously in the third person. “The story is supposedly from the manuscript of a Virginian soldier of fortune who spends ten years on Mars, among the ferocious green men of that planet as well as with the highly developed and scientific race of dominant Martians, who closely resemble the inhabitants of Earth, except as to color.  It is a member of this latter race which gives the story its name and at the same time infuses the element of love into the narrative.” — E.R. Burroughs page 29 in Irwin Porges autobiography of Burroughs.

But the telling clue of a time-travel Burroughs connection with the 1950s is the fact that the Martian John Carter of Mars series of books and articles was Burroughs first published works at age 36 with no previous writing or work experience.  But the question remains what group of science fiction writers in the 1950s wrote the Burroughs novels for him to publish. And did Burroughs himself travel in time between 1947 and 1950.  I would like to think that he did.

Burroughs opens his first published novel “Princess of Mars” with these words–  “I am a very old man; how old I do not know.  I have never been like other men.  I remember no childhood….”  Pg 26, in Irwin Porges Burroughs autobiography.  Perhaps the former old cowhand and cavalryman was given a chance to travel or live in time in his later years.

Las Vegas Vacation-tips, Tricks And Cautions

These “cautions”, “tips”, and “tricks” are offered to help make your Las Vegas Vacation as enjoyable, fast and easy to plan as possible. Whether this is your first trip to “Fabulous Las Vegas” or you are a veteran, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks here. Vegas Travel Tips: First and foremost, the biggest mistake many travelers to Las Vegas make in planning a trip is to book the cheapest air fare/hotel package “available anywhere”. These are offered everywhere from your hometown newspaper to television ads to especially, e-mail spam. Beware!

Why? A Cheap Las Vegas Vacation is good, we agree! BUT, did you know virtually all Las Vegas Hotels have 2- 3 levels of room quality (or options)? Now, we mean even many of the five star, “big ones” many of these are just plain substandard rooms, maybe with a nice view of the air conditioning system! (This actually happened to me personally, and was it Loud!)

Things like older bed mattresses, no safes, old decorating, long walks to the casino, restraunts, shows, or even a taxi. Did you know there are monorail trains running right behind some of the rooms? How about a roller coaster right outside your window? And lots more. Just remember “cheapest” is just that. Ask at the front desk at check-in exactly where your room is, look at it before signing in if possible.

We aren’t pushing for only high dollar rooms here, just get the best quality room your budget will allow, you will be very glad you did.

Why book your Hotel first? Las Vegas is booked up an average of 94% year round, so plan ahead (at least 30+ days is recommended) to get the exact days you want, where you want, room quality you want. Plus, usually it’s less expensive to book well in advance. Did you know that Sunday through Thursday is less expensive? When you get your selected Las Vegas Hotel booked, then you can book a flight to fit the days in and out to fit YOUR schedule.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Once you get your Las Vegas Hotel booked first. Then you can book the Las Vegas Shows that you want, when you want. Be sure to check to see if your particular show choice isn’t “dark” on your selected days. Holidays are a good example of dark days.

Then book your Las Vegas Tour. (If you have never experienced the thrill of a Helicopter Ride at night over “Glitter Gulch and Downtown”, or a daytime trip over the Boulder Dam and Grand Canyon this is something you will never forget!) It isn’t as expensive as you might think! Check our tours links for prices and times.

This is the entertainment capital of the World, so allow yourself enough time to take in as many attractions (dozens are free) as possible, it will make your Las Vegas Vacation much more memorable. If possible, book an extra night stay just to allow for a special Las Vegas Tour or a day of Las Vegas Golf.

Las Vegas Gambling Tips:

Gambling is the lifeblood of Las Vegas. You didn’t really think those billion dollar hotels were built by “winners” did you? Set a daily budget for gambling and stick to it! You do have a good chance at winning. Hundreds if not thousands of “Hand Pay Jackpots” are paid every day. Be careful though, those chips, tokens and ticket-in/ticket-out seem too much like “play money” they are not they are your real money! Stick to your budget! Did I say that already?

Get a “players card” everywhere you go and use it, or if you are a “table player” ask the pit boss to “rank” or “rate” you. They will track your play and comp you accordingly with all kinds of free stuff. Such as meals, rooms, clothing, limos, gift shop points and even cash. These really help put the odds in your favor.

Seems like my “budget” is always too small, but try your best to set a reasonable daily goal and stick to it, don’t tap into tomorrows budget! Just maybe you’ll walk away a big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase: “Walk away when ahead”!

It’s not my place to preach, but here are some very useful Las Vegas tips on handling your money. All that cash in the casinos you see everywhere attracts some pretty shady characters (read Crooks!) Security is excellent, but there are always a few, and it just takes one to ruin a perfect vacation.

Las Vegas Security:

Ladies, bring or buy a small purse with a neck strap or waste pouch, or fanny pack, something that is comfortable enough to keep on your person all the time. Never ever set your purse on the floor or next to a machine, or on a stool next to you. This is a magnet for thieves! Keep that strap around your neck.

Most thieves work in pairs, one to distract you, the other to snag your purse. Just a couple types of distractions they use are: one will drop a coin or dollar bill or two near you on the floor and ask you “is that your cash on the floor?” while the other grabs your stuff, or overly talkative “players” will sit down next to you and jabber to get your attention, while their partner grabs your stuff, or hits the payout button and walks away with your ticket. Believe me. This does happen. They are very slick and fast, so just be aware.

When you do accumulate a couple winning tickets, hide them in your wallet or purse until you are ready to cash them in, and then stash the cash. Remember the “walk away” tip?

Men: It isn’t degrading to wear a waste pouch. Okay, if you just don’t want to, then fold your bills and keep them in your front pants pocket. If they “pickpocket” your wallet with all your credit cards in it at least you’ll have your cash, or vice versa, just keep them seperated. And, watch those tickets.

If you do hit a good size jackpot, take the money to the safe in your room or take it to the Hotel desk for safekeeping. Or, ask for a Security escort to your room or car. They are happy to provide this service. Don’t walk around the casino or streets with a big wad of cash!

The Security at all Hotels and Casinos is excellent. With all those thousands of cameras (Eyes in the sky) every inch of the casino is being taped continuously. (Did you know that Nevada law requires casinos to have this level of security?) It is for your protection as well as the Hotel/Casino.

Now please understand, we are not trying to scare you away here, but rather just make you aware! It is real easy to get caught up in all the flashing lights, noise, overhead shows, people watching and normal distractions of a casino. Just don’t give them an opportunity to ruin your fun.

Follow these Las Vegas Travel Tips and they will make your Las Vegas Vacation a lifetime memory.

Visit Tokyo to Experience the Most Expensive City of the World

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is declared as the most expensive city of the world for expatriates in the year 2012 by Mercer. If you are looking to enjoy the luxury of life, you should never miss visiting this stunning modern city. There are bunches of tourist attraction places in Tokyo.Tokyo is not much preferable for the shopping because tokyo is much expensive city but still it’s wonderful city for going to and spending time. Now, Tokyo offers an apparently infinite choice of entertainment, shopping, culture and dining options to all its visitors. Thousands of people mainly from western countries visit Tokyo each year. In the year 2006, 420 million locals and 4.81 million international tourists visited this modern city. According to the Japanese Government, the economic value of tourist visit in Tokyo in 2006 is 9.4 Trillion Yen.

While visiting Tokyo, the most observing aspect is unique Japanese culture. Tourists like to visit different stores, entertainment districts and downtowns across the city. The best things about Tokyo are its omnipresent Japanese pop culture along with different districts like Harajuku, Shibuya, and different museums like Tokyo National Museum which holds 37% of Japan’s artwork. Tokyo city have historical attraction in it so for being this reason tourister like to visit tokyo city and explore the historical structures and buildings of the city. No architectural building in Tokyo is declared as World Heritage site but a suburban temple named as Jizo Hall is a national treasure. Other renowned tourist attractions in Tokyo include Meiji Shrine, Sensō-ji and the most prominent one the Imperial Palace. Some tourists also like to visit Tsukiji Fish Market.

Flytime has a number of Japan travel packages and cheapest air tickets. You can choose the package of your choice. Airfare to Japan varies from country to country. But if you book any of flytime’s Japan tours package, you can avail cheap airfare to Japan. So, pick your package and experience the most expensive city of the world!!

Tokyo is easily accessible by air. Access to Tokyo is offered by Tokyo International Airport, Narita Airport, and the Shinkansen. Major world class hotels are at Tokyo Bay and Shinjuku. But you would find quality hotels in other districts too. Another thing that you would enjoy in Tokyo is electronics shopping. You would find plenty of electronics shops and showrooms all around the Tokyo. Certainly you would find some new technologies that you have never seen before.

Enjoy the Fascinating Coastal Sea Beaches in Italy

Some of the path breaking and fascinating tour of Italy and it nearby places will bring excellent and enjoyable outing if you want to spend your quality time with your friends and family. The emerging popularity for tour and travel has increased number of visitor shows tremendous buzz in the nearby areas of Italy. It is worth a visit of ultimate fun destination for many reasons. The increment rise of tourist who are over the years spend their holiday outing to  explore and experience  the great excursion trip that  brings this place more compelling and exciting . Italy is known for its seashore and awesome fun destination that can captivate tourist to come and witness the extravagant coastal beaches and indulge with various outdoor activities to enhance and feel the excitement of being part of ultimate popular destination .Some of Italy best summer tour engage tour lover to spend their leisure time and italy amalfi coast toursis one of the most anticipate tour destination that you can imagine. The natural beautiful environment with coastal beaches will definitely bring lots of cheer and the sightseeing tour of amalfi will capture the feel of your tour more engaging. To be precise, the beautiful sea beach along with shore excursion will certainly make your trip a wonderful experience from an individual point of view.  The glorious sightseeing and touch of elegance are some of the major highlights tour in this part of world. You can explore the country site amazing coastal beaches that encourage crazy traveller to venture into the sea with lot of adventure and the summer days, is perfect time for sea shore excursion that bring the tour a spellbound and highly preferred inevitable in the context of higher eventful tour experience.

To engage in the sea beaches for your summer days will definitely boost you to excel and venture into the sea with the anticipation that shore excursions naples tour make the precious outing in a commendable way. The beautiful surrounding sea beaches in this tropical island of Italy has immensely popular due to  fast emerging  shore excursion that have encouraged  tourist to explore the path breaking   natural  sea beaches that are captivating many people over the years. The hind sights of spectacular beaches are one of the most looked after places to explore in this part of the region.  With the help of local guide, you can safely commence your shore excursion   with lots of enthusiasm.

You trip will not be compelling and engaging, if you not experience of pompeii amalfi coast tour. The eventful   tour of  amalfi and its nearby places has engaged every tourist and their positive response shows the world that this place of Italy is truly  redefine fascinating example of outstanding hospitality and one of the awesome fun destination that set the pompeil amlfi coast tour a must visit to travel lover.

How To Boost Your Travel Money For International Trips?

International trips are made with a happy feeling. Be it business or leisure, one always looks forward to the trip. And the feeling should persist. The financial institutions have made it convenient for you to travel and ensure you boost your travel money at all points with much ease. Travelling abroad is not only made simplified but cost saving as well. It gives you a plethora of options to travel safe and worry free. After all forex exchange rates should be the last thought on your mind while you travel!

You may now ponder about travelling to and fro from a developing country; the options and awareness diminish. This in reality should not even be a matter of concern considering globalization.

Let us run you through the trends people generally like to follow while travelling.

Use The Optic Fibre Space

No more brick and mortar, you must order your currency online availing the best forex exchange rates. They truly give you the best deals. They give you the best exchange rates of any currency at your door step. This means that you may order for the same being in India and get the best forex exchange rates in India to avail the delivery option at the airport in your travel or home country.

Travel With More Options:

Cash, travellerscheque, credit card, debit card and a travellers card. They are all you need when you travel. You may tuck away a $100 single note in your wash bag or an old make up canister amidst your cloths. Your may use your travellers cheque to carry huge amounts and exchange it at a fixed commission rate. Use the debit card to deposit cash and withdraw, ensuring limited balance. Make big purchasesusing your credit card as they are technically advantageous then. The traveller cardhelps you use any currency you wish to use inany part of the world and if none work, then the world wide accepted Benjamin Franklin 100 Dollar note would come handy for sure.

Ensure Only Cash For Car Rentals And Accommodation

You would definitely be hiring a car, to get to your destination until and unless you are a guest to someone and they send you a ride. Remember to pay by cash only and use no cards to be on the safer side. Use your pre loaded travellers card to pay at the hotel or best via the encashedtravellers’ cheque. You may want to make advance hotel payments as a safety measure.

Carry Cards Of Different But Well Known Financial Institutes

It is a tough job to walk or use GPS to find the location of the nearest ATM and hope for it to be from your bank. Awareness regarding the hefty charges charged by other banks which are not partnered with yours, adds up to your worry.

Intimate Your Bank Before You Travel

Intimate your bank about your travel plan so as to avoid any security breach blocking of your card. They might suspect some other individual misusing the same and do as their protocols require them to.

Forex rates in India should be a matter of interest to you in keeping with the general knowledge one must have, not for currency exchange alone.

USA cestovné víza – the perfect way to live the American dream

You may have many times heard about how living in America is, about opportunities and interesting locations you may find. You may have also thought about if all that you have heard is true. Well, it is only one way to find out: visiting the United States!

The diversity of this continent is comparable to the dimensions of your aspirations. If being a tourist won’t be enough, why not decide to become an actual American citizen and be a part of the whole idea of American lifestyle? It all starts with an application for an USA visa or, in Slovak terms, a žiadosť na americké víza.

One reason why žiadosť na americké víza should be your next big decision certainly stands in its breath taken locations. From sceneries that will blow your mind and historical sites that will send you back to the beginning of this great nation, the United States is all yours to explore and discover. If you’re dreaming of a sandy beach and an idyllic ocean view, applying for an American travel visa or an USA cestovné víza can get you straight to Maui, the Hawaiian island that has many to offer.

In Maui, customs and extreme ocean sports are put together in an adventures hotspot of the American continent. You may continue this enchanting trip of the shores with the island of Honolulu, another Hawaiian beauty, well-known for its specific cuisine. After a long day of exploring the surroundings, you can serve a well-deserved shave ice with red bean paste in one of the high-profile traditional restaurants of Honolulu.

If you want to experience the true American urban lifestyle with your USA cestovné víza you can visit one of the many great cities of the United State. For starters, Washington D.C. should go first on your list as it is the capital and also a city of great historical importance. You can visit the iconic Capitol Building if you want to catch a glimpse of the political bustle of America.

In the same terms, you may also want to visit the presidential residence, the well-known White House, were all the important decisions regarding the Unites States are taken. In the nearby region, another impressive landmark may catch your attention and that is the Washington monument. The 170 m structure was the tallest at the time it was erected in 1884. With a žiadosť na americké víza, you will have the chance to see this and many other important monuments and impressive spaces that will make you plan a future visiti in the United States as soon as possible.

Once you’ve got hold of your visa or USA cestovné víza, you are ready to discover a new and interesting traveling experience. As well as you may settle upon one favorite location, you might also want to consider the alternative of getting the most out of the Unites States. We’re talking about a considerably huge continent, but distances are easier to cover with the diversity of transportation methods that are put at your disposal.

Depending on where you want to go next, you can choose your mean of transport wisely and accordingly to your budget and time limit. Cheap air travel is an inspired option and given the long distances America enhances, most air travel agencies are offering discounts most of the time. Therefore, when you’re applying to a visa travel or a žiadosť na americké víza not only that you can finally visit your favorite city, you can also add up to list other locations that could raise your interest.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget. Part 5

This is the fun part, where you want to go out, but you really can’t afford high end night clubs or a private booth, which could set you back $1500-5000, depending on the bar or club.,_Planet_Hollywood.jpg

Don’t sweat, i’ll have you drunk for very little money in no time. #vegasbaby #lasvegas #thehangover . So how do we drink on the cheap you ask? Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssy as. Just pull up a seat by a slot machine and put a $1 bill in it, you heard correctly, a $1 bill. Looks for a machine that’s a 1 cent a spin one and play “one line / one credit”, hence only spending 1 cent a spin. I trust that all makes sense so far.

The cocktail waitress will walk past and call out “drinks anyone”, make sure you capture her attention immediately and order your beer or spirit. The catch here, they’ll take about 15 – 20 min to come, in the hope you’re going to pump the slot machine and lose more than the value of the drink, significantly more! No need to sweat my friends, stick to the “1 line, 1 spin policy”, check your Facebook or Instagram status to waste some time and before you know it your drink will arrive for the princely sum of $1, yep, $1 tip and there’s your free drink.

Now the smarter ones among you will realize that alcoholic spirit drinks aren’t cheap and if you’re on a budget vacation in Las Vegas, you’ll work out quickly, drinks aren’t cheap. So if you plan on getting smashed, “The Hangover” style, tip the waitress $10 and request she bring you the same drink every time she fills an order on the floor. That’ll be the best $10 you’ve spent in Las Vegas. Speaking from experience on multiple occasions, you’ll have a steady flow of grog flowing your way for as long as you can drink it, try it out, if it doesn’t work, message me here and drinks are on me next time!

Now that you’re drunk and can’t afford a higher end nightclub, is the night over, spent drunk playing slot machines? That would be a waste of an evening wouldn’t it? Rhetorical questions.

Stay tuned for part 5 of the blog where i’ll explain in detail how to party on where you’ll meet women in a relaxed atmosphere and only need to top up with a few drinks along the way.

Remember when you’re looking to book your next cheap Las Vegas on a budget vacation, plan ahead and check the market for hotels and flights in advance, i’d recommend searching for a week, looking and comparing different hotel and airline rates. will do all the work to help you save up to 75% on your next booking, with best price guarantee.

Rakuten Travel Review – Are They A Reliable Japanese Online Hotel Booking Company?

Traveling in Japan is a dream come true for most. It’s a fascinating country steeped in tradition yet futuristic at the same time. But when it comes to the prices of hotels in Japan it can become a real nightmare. Japan after all is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Asia. However, that does not mean that you won’t find the best hotel deals in Tokyo, Kyoto and other exciting cities in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Rakuten Travel Inc. is just one of many hotel reservation agencies that is headquartered in Japan. But they are by far one of the most popular agencies on the Internet. Established in 2002 Rakuten Travel is a publicly traded company in Japan’s stock market, further cementing Rakuten’s reputation as Japan’s premier hotel reservation system for tourist all around the world.

Though Rakuten Travel mainly focuses in Japanese hotel industry they are also able to provide discount hotel rates throughout Asia. Though I find that hotel rates for other countries are not as deeply discounted as hotels in Japan. Overall Rakuten represents over 24,000 hotels and Ryokans.

One great function on their website is the ‘Search by Japan Map’. It’s a great function that helps travelers plan on where to stay since the country has so many interesting districts and cities to visit.

How is Rakuten Travel able to provide the best hotel rates in Japan?

Rakuten Travel specializes in the city’s hotel market and has a major advantage with its Internet presence. Hotels in Japan realize that being represented by Rakuten would mean that their property would be made known to even more travelers searching for a place to stay in Japan. These hotels offer Rakuten a deeply discounted room rates in which it is then passed onto guests who book through their reservation system.

As a travel consultant I always recommend travelers to book hotels through a local hotel agency. That’s the essential tip for finding the best hotel deals. Since Rakuten is a locally based agency in Japan they are more knowledgeable about their own hotel market and offer the better hotel room rates than non-Japanese Internet travel agencies.

Discover where to find the Top Nature Reserves in Italy

Lo Zingaro: This 7km-long coastline, located in Italy’s beautiful island of Sicily, stretches from Castellammare del Golfo to San Vito Lo Capo. The coast is made up of rocky Mesozoic limestone for the most part and is known for its craggy cliffs and little characteristic inlets. In addition to admiring the incredible flora and fauna of the reserve, it’s also a great place for those active travellers, boasting three different hiking paths to follow, all ranging in length and difficulty: The coastal trail is the easiest, with inlets along the way where you can walk down to the little beaches and picnic tables along the course to stop for lunch. The half-coast path has great views, though it takes about 4 ½ hours to hike from the South to the North, and if you’re a truly passionate hiker, try your hand at the high path, the most difficult, which takes about 7 hours from beginning to end. Along the way enjoy the hidden coves to take a dip, not to mention to incredible species of flora and fauna to disocver. If you’re looking for a place nearby to stay, the historic and quaint village of Scopello is a great option. A truly hidden gem along the Tyrrhenian coast, rent a villa in Scopello and see everything it has to offer: food, nature, tradition and history.

Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve

Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve

Tuscan Archipelago: This covers quite a bit of area between the Tuscan coast and the island of Corsica, and is an area that dates back to the Triassic period. It is made up of seven islands, which are well worth seeing, even if you take day trips to a few: Capraia, Elba, Giannutri, Giglio, Gorgona, Montecristo and Pianosa. Quite particular of this archipelago is that all islands serve as a resting point for birds during the migration period from North to South and from South to North, especially in Gorgona, Palmaiola, Cerboli and Montecristo. If you want to catch a glimpse of the particular peregrine falcon, you may see them during the migratory period on the islands of Elba or Capraia. Each island is quite characteristic in and of itself, the largest of them being Elba. Famous for being Napolean’s haven during his exile, Elba holds a host of natural treasures in addition to its abundance of history. Its clear, crystalline waters make it a great place for beaching, not to mention the ideal spot for diving, snorkeling and other water sports. If you are an avid hiker and would like to do so surrounded by rugged, unspoiled nature and amazing waters, get to Capraia, known for its many trekking paths. Giglio is the second largest island of the archipelago and will give you a host of things to see: from sandy beaches to bustling village port towns, it is that mix of nature, history and culture. If you’re looking for the best place to stay out of the islands, try Elba or Giglio as they are the most populated and geared towards tourists. The others are best to visit by ferry during day trips, and remember, some of the islands, like Montecristo for example, have been totally closed off to tourists and are only open to be visited by researchers.

Giglio Island


La Maddalena Archipelago: Here we find ourselves in the beautiful Sardinia, one of Italy’s islands that is in and of itself a truly amazing jewel. The Maddalena Archipelago is located in the Straits of Bonifacio between Corsica and Northeastern Sardinia and is made up of seven islands: Maddalena, Caprera, Spargi, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Budelli and Razzoli. This archipelago is quite particular in that it has yet to catch on as a tourist point, so it is relatively untouched by the typical hoards of summer tourists. If you go to Caprera, you fill find many seabird species like the royal seagull, cormorant and peregrine falcon, not to mention wild goats, which is where it gets its name from. Spargi is the most isolated of all the islands with no tourist facilities, but is a great place to go for the day where you can take a peaceful swim in its amazing coves and inlets. Budelli, however, is by far the most captivating of the Maddalena archipelago islands, and one you should get to immediately. It is well known for its pink sandy beaches, caused by the coral from its surrounding sea. Get to Spiaggia Rosa or Cala Piatto and Cala Cisternone for the most breathtaking shorelines. As far as lodging is concerned, staying on the main island, Maddalena, is best. It offers a wealth of things to do and is only a short boat ride from the others.



So treat yourself to an alternative Italian vacation on your next holiday and see some of the country’s best, unspoiled nature for a truly peaceful trip. Don’t forget your camera!

Cheap Flights Tickets Impact Domestic Air Travel Demand by 14.8 Per Cent

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world as the business and services are flourishing in the country. This is the reason that the travel and tourism industry is also growing at a fast pace as people have to travel from one city to another in order to meet demands of the business. In addition to this, the lifestyle of people is also changing in this country and travel is becoming an important part. As per a recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) association report, the demand for domestic flight tickets in India was the highest in the world.

IATA Report

The overall global demand in the month of February was somewhere around 6.2 per cent and same in the previous month. On the other hand, the demand in India alone stood at 14.8 percent, more than the double of the global increase. The report also mentions that low fare flights offered by carriers played a significant role in the statistics. As far as the international demand is concerned, worldwide growth was 5.3 per cent and India also remained on the same track. The report also suggested that the strongest growth rate was registered in Asian countries. India and Brazil were just behind China as it benefitted from the Lunar New Year – a popular festival in the country.

This report also said that the demand in India started rising in the last few months of 2014 due to changes in the market scenario. The cost of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) dropped leading to decrease in the overall cost of operations. This allowed carriers to launch discounts, deals and schemes, which attracted many fliers. The trend continued in the 2015, leading to these statistics. As March and September quarters are considered lean season, airlines come with alluring deals, which offer cheap flight tickets. For instance, IndiGo, Vistara, Jet airways and GoAir recently announced their unique on immediate as well as advance booking. This will keep the demand quite high as travellers are attracted by such offers. It serves a mutual purpose; on one hand travellers can enjoy economical trip, and on the other hand carriers can maintain their flight occupancy. It is expected that the demand in India will remain quite constant due to these low fare flights.

Gain on International Routes

Not only domestic routes like Pune to Chennai, Jaipur to Lucknow or Delhi to Mumbai flight, India was ahead in demand for international travel as well. The overall global seat factor remained flat on domestic routes at 80.4 per cent, but it increased by 0.7 per cent on international flights. In addition to this, the increase in domestic capacity was 5.3 per cent while it climbed to 5.7 per cent on international routes.

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer of IATA said that Lunar New Year celebration affected these in the Asia-Pacific region, leading to these outstanding statistics. As per the IATA traffic reports, around nine million passengers travel on 100000 flights every day, on an average. The number is quite high for domestic travel as well in many countries, and with such high demand India can be one of them in the coming future.

As a result of all these factors, the impact of cheap flight tickets can be seen on the demand rate of air travel in the country.

Explore South America

South and Central America is filled diverse countries and cultures just asking to be explored. There is something to please anyone, from beaches to cultural sites and the vast Amazon wilderness. With a whole continent to discover, choosing where to start can prove difficult – especially if you are an indecisive person!

Below, some of the most popular adventure cruises offered in South America are explained in detail. These still represent just a small portion of what is available to intrepid travellers, so if you don’t see anything that you like, don’t hesitate to contact a travel agent specialising in South America. They will be able to help you book the perfect holiday!

Amazon Cruises

The Amazon River is the largest in the world. It stretches for over 6000 kilometres and its catchments area encompasses countries across South America. Surrounding this majestic waterway is the planets most ecologically diverse forest. Even with rapid deforestation in recent years, the Amazon is still the largest tropical rainforest on earth.

This vast wilderness is on the top of many people’s list of places to see in their lifetime and there is no better way to take it in than from an Amazon River cruise. Due to the size of the river, the boats used are sizeable enough to be fitted with all the creature comforts of home. You will be able to take in the great views alongside your fellow passengers, while enjoying fine dining and world class facilities.

Galapagos Cruises

The Galapagos Islands, which lay off the Ecuadorian coast, have been a source of wonder for nature lovers ever since Charles Darwin’s fateful expedition. The world renowned scientist catalogued a wide range animal and plant species that are unique to the island chain – this experience helped him formulate his well known theories of evolution. Today, the islands form part of a national park which serves to preserve the unique characteristics of the islands wildlife.

It is now possible to fly to the Galapagos Islands, but one of the best ways to take in the natural beauty of the island group is to book a cruise. You can experience the islands just as Darwin did and you will get the opportunity to see all the unique wildlife the island chain has to offer, all from the comfort of a fully featured cruise ship.

Antarctica Cruises

Including an Antarctic cruise in a list of South American destinations may seem weird initially, but there is a very good reason for this. If you glance at a map, you will notice that the Southern tip of Argentina is one of the closest inhabited landmasses to Antarctica. This makes it the perfect jumping off point for Antarctic expeditions and tours.

Antarctica is the height of untouched wilderness, having no permanent inhabitants – just a few research stations operate over the entire continent. When you visit Antarctica, you will get to experience true isolation and serenity. The vast emptiness of the landscape is beautiful in its own right and there are a number of animal species unique to this area. Understandably, cruise ships provide one of the only ways to experience this wild untouched continent – what are you waiting for?

Tailor Made Holidays

If none of the above options have you excited for your next adventure, don’t despair. For a full list of tours and activities in South America, contact your local travel agent. They will be more than happy to help you tailor make a holiday that will perfectly suit you and your budget.

Travel Las Vegas On A Budget Pt 4. “The Hangover”

This is the fun part, where you want to go out, but you really can’t afford high end night clubs or a private booth, which could set you back $1500-5000, depending on the bar or club.

Don’t sweat, i’ll have you drunk for very little money in no time. #vegasbaby #lasvegas #thehangover . So how do we drink on the cheap you ask? Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssy as. Just pull up a seat by a slot machine and put a $1 bill in it, you heard correctly, a $1 bill. Looks for a machine that’s a 1 cent a spin one and play “one line / one credit”, hence only spending 1 cent a spin. I trust that all makes sense so far.

The cocktail waitress will walk past and call out “drinks anyone”, make sure you capture her attention immediately and order your beer or spirit. The catch here, they’ll take about 15 – 20 min to come, in the hope you’re going to pump the slot machine and lose more than the value of the drink, significantly more! No need to sweat my friends, stick to the “1 line, 1 spin policy”, check your Facebook or Instagram status to waste some time and before you know it your drink will arrive for the princely sum of $1, yep, $1 tip and there’s your free drink.

Now the smarter ones among you will realize that alcoholic spirit drinks aren’t cheap and if you’re on a budget vacation in Las Vegas, you’ll work out quickly, drinks aren’t cheap. So if you plan on getting smashed, “The Hangover” style, tip the waitress $10 and request she bring you the same drink every time she fills an order on the floor. That’ll be the best $10 you’ve spent in Las Vegas. Speaking from experience on multiple occasions, you’ll have a steady flow of grog flowing your way for as long as you can drink it, try it out, if it doesn’t work, message me here and drinks are on me next time!

Now that you’re drunk and can’t afford a higher end nightclub, is the night over, spent drunk playing slot machines? That would be a waste of an evening wouldn’t it? Rhetorical questions.

Stay tuned for part 5 of the blog where i’ll explain in detail how to party on where you’ll meet women in a relaxed atmosphere and only need to top up with a few drinks along the way.

Remember when you’re looking to book your next cheap Las Vegas on a budget vacation, plan ahead and check the market for hotels and flights in advance, i’d recommend searching for a week, looking and comparing different hotel and airline rates. will do all the work to help you save up to 75% on your next booking, with best price guarantee.

From China to Japan: The Story of Altair and Vega

When many Americans and other Westerners arrive in Japan, we know little of Japan and Asia. Much of what we see and experience is rooted in China and farther West to India. These roots are similar to the roots and heritage of our Western civilization, the result of a journey of thousands of years of European heritage traveling from ancient Greece and Rome across Europe to North America.

Tanabata, the Japanese Star Festival, provides an example of this Japanese borrowing from China and earlier borrowings. The Princess and the Cowherd, a Chinese folktale, was the impetus behind the Tanabata festival. The folktale is about Weaver Girl. Weaver Girl is the daughter of the Jade Emperor in heaven. Every day, Weaver Girl would descend from the heavens to earth to bathe, using her magical robe. She would leave her magical robe on the bank, next to the stream. One day, a cowherd saw Weaver Girl bathing. Falling in love with her, he stole her magic robe. Weaver Girl could not return to heaven. When Weaver Girl came out of the water, the cowherd grabbed her and carried her home.

When Jade Emperor learned about Weaver Girl, he was angry, but could not act. His daughter had fallen in love; Weaver Girl married the lowly cowherd. Weaver Girl grew homesick; she started to miss her father. She found her magic robe and decided to visit her father. After she arrived home, the Jade Emperor called a river to help him keep her home. The river, the Milky Way, flowed across the sky. Weaver Girl could not cross the river, so she could not return to her husband. The Emperor relented, slightly. Once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, he allows Weaver Girl and her husband, the cowherd, to meet, creating a bridge over the river for them.

If you know your astronomy, you can pick out Weaver Girl (Vega) and the lowly cowherd (Altair). On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the Milky Way appears be dimmer, enabling them to reach each other.

This Chinese folktale inspired a Japanese version: Orihime was the daughter of the Sky King. She wove beautiful clothes on the bank of the Milky Way. Her father loved Orihime’s cloth. She worked hard every day to weave cloth for the Sky King. Orihime was sad; she worked all the time. She would never meet anyone; Orihime feared she would never fall in love. The Sky King grew worried; he introduced Orihime to Hikoboshi. He was a cowherder, living and working far away on the other side of the Milky Way, the river. Orihime and Hikoboshi met; they fell in love; they were married.

Orihime stopped weaving cloth for the Sky King; Hikoboshi’s cows strayed all over heaven. The Sky King grew angry, putting the Milky Way between Orihime and Hikoboshi. He forbade them to meet. Orihime cried and begged her father to let them meet again. The Sky King said the two could meet on the seventh day of the seventh month as long as Orihime worked hard, finishing her weaving.

Their first meeting was a failure; they could not cross the river; there was no bridge. Orihime cried and cried. A flock of magpies flew in, promising her that they would make a bridge of their wings, helping her to cross the river. When the rains come, however, the magpies cannot come. Orihime and Hikoboshi hope for good weather the next year. If the sky is clear and there is no rain, the magpies help Orihime and Hikoboshi meet.

Just as the Japanese story looks back to the Chinese story, the Japanese festival of Tanabata looks back to Chinese festival: The Festival to Plead for Skills. Both festivals celebrate the meeting of Altair and Vega. The Chinese festival spread to Japan during and after the Heian period. As in China, the Japanese ask for skills. During the Edo period in Japan, boys and girls wrote their wishes on strips of paper. Girls wished to improve their sewing and craftsmanship; boys wished to improve their handwriting. Modern day Tanabata remains a festival of wishes, be they ceremonial or actual wishes.

Japan has Tanabata festivals across the country on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month, but the most famous is in Sendai, where people traditionally use seven different kinds of decorations. Six of the seven decorations represent different wishes. Paper strips represent wishes for good handwriting and studies. Paper kimonos represent wishes for good sewing; the kimonos also ward off accidents and bad health. Paper cranes represent wishes for family safety, health, and long life. Purses represent wishes for good business. Nets represent wishes for good fishing and harvests. Garbage bags represent wishing for cleanliness and avoiding wasting resources. The final decorations are streamers; these are the strings that Orihime used to weave for her father.

When we watch a Tanabata festival today, we are viewing a celebration that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years, across the sea to China, and perhaps even farther. What happened before China has been obscured by the passage of time. Regardless of when and where Tanabata originated, the story is a lovely, fanciful tale. The Tanabata festival in Sendai is a lovely, fanciful experience.

Italy Travel Vacations-Why Consider A Vacation in Italy

Vacations and holidays are great. They enable you to relax and unwind after tight schedules. Today, there are many travel destinations that should be on top of your list. Italy is not an exception. This is a beautiful country that offers room for fun and entertainment. It has amazing sceneries, beautiful shopping malls, business centers and many other exciting features. Today, travel companies organize a wide range of Italy group tours. The tours are custom made to enhance the quality of your trip. What more, there are different Italy tour packages to explore for a more exciting trip in the country. are many incredible places to visit in Italy. This includes Rome. It is the capital of Italy and it holds a religious significance. Rome is a wonderful city with amazing features. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to entertainment options in the city. There are sightseeing sites, the Colosseum which is a spectacular piece of architecture and you cannot afford to miss. There are also other exciting places in Rome including the Vatican, Trevi fountain, the Trastevere and Spanish steps. You only need to choose the best Italy Tour Package and explore what the city has in store for you.

During your Italy Travel Tour, you should also visit Florence and Venice. These are beautiful cities with amazing features. They are considered beautiful museums that all tourists need to visit. Venice stretches across 118 little islands and in shallow lagoon along the Adriatic Sea. It is a place that you can comfortably visit with your loved ones. Venice is also considered a romantic city. Therefore, you can always visit on your honeymoon and rest assured of a memorable travel experience.

Italy travel vacations also include a visit to Florence. It is a popular city in Italy and it offers plenty of things to do for fun and entertainment. It is a home of Italy’s finest art. You will realize that every corner of the city is beautiful because of unique artwork. What’s more, you will find a piece of history in every church, museum, corner or monument in the city. Therefore, you can learn a lot of things on history and art by visiting Florence. The art also adds to the beauty of the city and it makes it one of a kind.

It is also essential that you consider a vacation in Italy because it is a city that offers something for everyone. You can explore different cultures in the country, go out for shopping in different destinations, and visit the best sceneries and cobbled streets among other exciting features. Even so, it is imperative that you take time to choose the best Italy travel vacations. Look for vacation packages that meet your personal needs best. By doing so, you will enhance your chances of exploring what Italy has in store for you. It is an amazing country and it guarantees unlimited entertainment for all. What’s more, it is a rich country with renowned designers and with a warm Mediterranean climate that helps to enhance the quality of your trip.

Packing Tips for First Timers Planning to Take an International Flight

Since the past decade or so, air travel has gained popularity among a major population in the country and flight booking has increased by manifolds. This development could be attributed to two things; first, the willingness of people to spend more on travel than previously and second, the low cost airfares on offer by various carriers. However, one thing that remains the same in both domestic and international travel is the baggage allowance. It has been observed that people who are travelling abroad for the first time remain in a continuous state of confusion as how to go about packing, just to avoid any extra charge or penalty at the airport.

There are some great packing tips that experts suggest for both first time and regular air travellers. By keeping these tips in mind, you can easily avoid any unnecessary hassles while packing for your international journey, whether you are taking Mumbai to London, Kolkata to Singapore or Chennai to Kuala Lumpur flights.

Making a List

Making a list of what all things to take on the international trip is the first and the most important tip. Once you make the list, it becomes clear as to what all you can take along with you and what you can leave behind. If you are making a list, then it ensures that you will not be doing any last-minute packing; one of the major reasons why baggage limit exceeds for people who do so. Another good reason why you should write down a list is that it helps when you are actually packing the bag. By having a list, you can best utilise the space in a bag.

Avoid Taking Large Packets of Food or Toiletries

A common mistake that first timers commit when they fly abroad is that they choose to take the large packets of their favourite food or sometimes even the toiletries. You should avoid this at all costs and rather go for small packets. By doing so, you can very well reduce the weight of the baggage.

Considering the Weather of the Destination Place

It is important that you check for weather updates of the place you are heading to, simply because it will give you a fair idea about what all clothes you would need during their trip. Remaining undecided about clothes to carry along can be a big challenge later, especially if the baggage has too many winter clothes.

Making Use of Hand Baggage Allowance

Many travellers do not realise the importance of hand baggage allowance. All airlines allow a certain amount of baggage to be carried along inside the cabin, which is entitled with all flight tickets. So, it becomes important to use this opportunity as well by taking things that can be avoided in the bags going in the cargo, especially things like laptop, jacket or ladies purse.

Now that you know these tips, you should not face much problem when you pack your bags for your first international trip.